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    Hello again everyone.
    I was just wondering some things. First, how do you become bonded? What is a good insurance company for a landscaping/construction biz? Do you need a special contractors license so do brick paving and walls or not? When they say that they are licensed do they mean that they have a business license?

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    I would check with your county to see what they require as far as licensing/contracting. I don't really know if you'll need a specific license for brick work, but you might. I only do lawn mowing myself. Licensing generally refers to having a business license.

    A lot of guys like Erie Ins., myself included. But this is for lawn work only. If you do landscaping/construction the rates will be higher due to the potential for digging and hitting utilities and such. I'd call and shop around for maybe 8-10 quotes. It doesn't take long to get a quote most of the time.
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    Yeah I was wondering about being "bonded". A friend told me the other day that to get accounts with HOA's and the such, you must be bonded. How do you qualify for that? I just bought a privileged city license yesterday and declared my company name, now need insurance when I get some work, but may wait until I get a few accounts. I know I'd need it to get those accounts that are larger like a HOA.

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    hey bud, thanks for the reply.
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