Severe Mn def. correction on foxtail palms

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. what is the corrective procedure?
  2. keeping going

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    I have had some success with manganese sulphate applied on a 3 monthly schedule to combat frizzle top- but I am still of the opinion florida soil is too alkaline for fox tails to really thrive.

    Foliar spraying is an other option making the desired nutrient quickly available but I have no experience of this in foxtails
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    South Florida soils are typically alkaline which can tie up any Manganese present. The steps outlined above are helpful. If possible, regular attention to lowering the soil pH with sulfur / acid forming fertilizers along with foliar drenches of Manganese should help in the long term. Here in central Florida, our soil pH values typically hover around 6-6.5... more gooder for us. LOL.
  4. We grow foxtails all day just fine here as long as they are fertilized 4x/year with 8-2-12.

    Neglected palms suffer deficiencies.
  5. keeping going

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    Call me dumb or confused but didn't you pose the original question as to how to remedy manganese deficiencies in foxtail palms?
  6. keeping going

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    Scrap my last reply - I see what you are saying now - palms you care for you fertilize four times a year without problems - but you have come across some foxtails which have been neglected.
    I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes
  7. SEVERE deficiency. 8-2-12 applied 4x year takes care of nutrients that the palm needs. Severe deficiencies are due to periods of neglect where people haven't been fertilizing.
  8. Exactly. 2 that are pretty far into the deficiency. Not past point of no return, but they need help.
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    High volume spraying with chelated/water soluble micronutrients. I am regularly dealing with landscapes that were either never fertilized or are non responsive to soil applications of dry fertilizers. Alkaline and salt contaminated soil does it every time.

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