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Severe weather outbreak over New England

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by jtraversweather, May 29, 2012.

  1. jtraversweather

    jtraversweather LawnSite Member
    Messages: 27

    A Tornado Watch is in effect until 9pm EDT for most of Vermont and New Hampshire and parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut. A hook echo, indicating a strong tornado was located in east-central Windham county. A TORNADO WARNING IS in effect with this storm as it moves east into southern New Hampshire at around 4?56 pm EDT.

    Elsewhere, Severe Thunderstorm Watches are in effect from Eastern New Hampshire and Rhode Island south into Pennsylvania. Storms will effect better than 80% of the area from southern PA to southern Maine this late afternoon and tonight.

    Hail to 2 inches and winds up to 85 mph with a risk of Tornadoes, especially within the Tornado watch area, exists. GO TO the WEATHER tab on LawnSite home page and click on NORTHEAST RADAR. The latest warnings are indicated for every county in the region. ALSO...GO TO the WEATHER TAB on the front page of LawnSite and click Severe Weather Forecasts for the latest watches and radar within the watches.

    This is a dangerous situation. Storms from early this afternoon have grown rapidly and are now in multiple solid lines from southern Maine into Pennsylvania. Storms will move into the New York, Philadelphia, and Boston areas later tonight.

    TOMORROW and THURSDAY...Significant outbreak of Severe Weather forecast for the Southern and Central Plains into the Ohio Valley Thursday. Tornado risk increasing tomorrow late and especially Thursday. Hail may reach 4 inches in diameter over parts of southern Kansas and Oklahoma. Damaging winds wil be widespread over the southern and central US tomorrow evening and again on Thursday. GO TO the severe weather page on our WEATHER TAB at the front of LawnSite. for the latest updates.

    For the latest on Beryl, and other tropical weather go to the severe weather page on LawnSite Weather.

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