Severe yellowing of the included

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Raymond S., Aug 14, 2012.

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    The experiments in the research papers were done on sandy, high pH soils with rootzone temps at 94 degrees... the OP said he had sand as well...
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    Correct, sandy soil and high soil temps as well. The study was indeed conclusive on the cause. What I would like to see (and will continue to study myself) is a corrective action.
    Also, water definitely contributes, in fact overwatering is an obvious contributor. Double edged sword though. Water enough to keep from drying out and this is what you get. I believe the key factor is the high pH of the soil. Getting pH down to allow the turf to utilize the iron (and keep it down) I think is the first step.
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    Did you try irrigating in the middle of the day to cool the soil??? Dealing with pH is such a temporary fix...
    Michigan must have cooled off by now, correct??? Seems like I'm a bit North of your position, but we're enjoying Summer again on this side of the Lake... :)

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