Sevin and rain for chinch

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by cenlo, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. cenlo

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    I know when I spray a 3-way weed killer and it rains a few hours later it is usually still effective. But what about sevin for chinch long of a contact does it require for the kill?
  2. mkroher

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    Sevin? Was it liquid or granular?

    Last year, I had a customer with chinch problem, I threw down a bag of sevin because a) I had it, and wanted to get rid of it. and b) I wan't to put 'something' down right then and there.

    He has irrigation. Well over a week later, chinch was still active. I figured the stuff wouldn't work, so I cooked em with some 'talstar'.

    Sevin was applied well over the recommended rate to the infected areas. Bad bag of product? Didn't wait long enough for results? Who knows? I wasn't going to wait any longer and let this guy's lawn get destroyed more than it already has.

    That's my story :) One reason why I favor any liquid control product over granular.
  3. Runner

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    It has to be watered in. I don't care if it is granular, or has to be watered in. If you sprayed Sevin and it got rained in, it did you a favor. As long as it didn't get flushed off of slopes by a downpour, you are fine.
  4. cenlo

    cenlo LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ontario
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    The label states no water for 24 hrs for chinch. Water only for grubs? I thought it was a contact Pesticide....just wondering how much contact?

  5. Runner

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    Yep. sorry....The granular has to be watered in regardless. the liquid only gets watered in for grubs and subsurface pests. For surface feeders, it stays unwatered. I don't know exactly what the label says (I'd have to look), but many of times with products like this, it will advise you to water a bit just before application of the liquid. This brings the pests closer to the surface so they can be more readily reached. This works especially well for grubs if the conditions have been dry.
  6. bug-guy

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    florida has seen a really bad chinch bug (cb) problem in recent years. some resistance to bifenthrin(talstar) and other similar products (cyper and permethrin) has occured. liq. sevin has offered a quick and inexpensive choice, but it generally has no staying power after a short time or rainfall, but it does put out the fire. Resistance has been noted w/ certain life stages. i forget if it kill the adults and nimphs grow to reproduce or if it's the other way around.( this is why allectus combines two formulations) It basically comes back to proper application and chemical rotation. after durasban was removed cpo's got lazy and cheap
  7. lawn king

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    Dursban worked very well for us year after year, and im talking back into the early 80's. If it was still on the market, we would be using it. I try to avoid using sevin as it is really rough on bees!

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