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    Guy called tuesday for a estimate on a sewer grade. He wanted me to grade out where they hooked up his sewer. About 80 FT. plus seed, straw, and fert. I told him $550.00. He didn't like that price, said it was too high. I think it was fair, maybe a little low. Here is how I broke it down.

    200.00 for Bobcat (8 hrs)
    100.00 Seed, Straw, Fert
    30.00 per hr (Me) based on 6 hrs (180.00)
    10.00 per hr (Help) based on 6 hrs ( 60.00)
    $540.00 TOTAL SO I QUOTED 550.00 EVEN..

    What do you guys think?
  2. mirrorlandscapes

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    How big was the area? 80 ft. by what? If that was a typical lawn grade, that sounds about right, maybe a little low.

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    Maybe 3-4' ft wide at the most....
  4. KrayzKajun

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    i would have bid atleast $800 throw in travel time,fuel,wear tear on equipment ,, Tell him to go find a neighbor kid with a rake
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  6. Dirt Digger2

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    8 hours with a bobcat to smooth out 80 foot? know the guys who installed the sewer did a halfway decent job of backfilling so all you really need to do would be to go in there with the loader and drag it off a few times, then hook up the rockhound and drag that off...but i could be completely wrong, you might need to backfill it...just seems 8 hours on the bobcat is a long time for such a small job
  7. Matts lawn care

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    I think that you should be aiming for more like 60 an hour. I would have charged around $720.00 (same as everything else buy $60.00 per hour for my labor.
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    How much do you pay your help? I have been told by many people that you have to charge at least double what you pay an employee to make money off of them. I do think you were close on hours though.
  9. DuraCutter

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    Usually if you pay an employee $12/hr, it'll come out to about $16/hr once you factor in source deductions your company has to top off, etc...

    A good rule of thumb is 3 times your employees salary or $36 is the minimum.
    I usually try to get 4 on the very low end but usually 6 times is more like it.


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    I quoted 6 hours, not 8

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