Sex of dog plays a factor when it comes to urine turf damage

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by kirkmbrown2001, Mar 31, 2012.

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    I have read bogus articles that state where a dog placed on a special diet, will not cause as much damage per say as a normal dog eating ole roy. Totally false, as my vet clinic I service tells me that hormones, diet, sex, has nothing to do with the problem. Pets that do hold their urine for long times seem to have stronger urine as in humans after waking up from sleep. Dogs that are getting older will have complications and may cause staining from medication and or poor diets. Both male and female dogs will follow one another around and urinate on top of the others to mask or dominate that scent. Male dogs cause more damage to small shrubs, trees, metal, and house siding than females--of course. The female does deposit more acid in a smaller contained area than the male from hiking his leg. The real culprit is the continual urination in the same spots that cause the saline deposits to build up. Harder soils like clay and clay loam do hold the salts more readily as say.......sand, sand loam soils. I like to think that those customers with irrigation will not have as many highly visible spots as to someone whom doesn't water as often. To me, this is no more different as applying liquid fertilizer at high doses on dry grass with no watering it in afterwards. Same as granular fertilizing and hitting a divot hole and spilling onto an area. Watering will flush out the concentration and may cause a slight burn with a darker, faster growing outer ring of turfgrass.
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    Pee patterns. Female dog squat on the ground, and burn the turf. Male dogs lift their legs and damage shrubs!!!:dizzy:

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