Shady move by the local shop?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Babaganoosh, Oct 3, 2018.

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    No offense taken.

    A 45 min drive is a bit much.
    Mine is 7 minutes to dealer.
    I still always just call them first, find out if they have part on hand. If not I tell them to order it. Usually it's there next day or 48hrs.
    God created phones. They save lots of miles. ;)
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    Well getting ripped on a couple of belts wont change your life and in reality should be expected from a dealer.

    Oreillys has a gates book and with your model number you can get the correct belts with a 1 year warranty.

    As far as being loyal to dealers, no thanks. At least around here.

    I tend too shop everything and my parts inventory is growing.

    I went too the dealer a couple weeks ago because I needed some trimmer string, the place has sold and is no longer a Stihl dealer. I was almost out of edger blades so I figured Id pick a couple, Ive been paying 1.30$ from jacks small engines he charged me 4.50$ for the identical stens blade, I was paying 2.80$ for the Stihl blades, but they are atleast better. So while its not a big deal, it still pissed me off, so I found a box of 50 stens blades for .78$ each.
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    Indubiously !
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    Yeah, I had a problem with a new stihl edger. The "stihl guy" wasn't ever available when I went in so I contacted stihl directly. They sent me back to the dealership and the "still guy" now there said don't ever contact stihl (about the dealership) again:gunsfiring:. Guess Stihl expects service out of their dealers. :mechanic:

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    Your probably the guy who waits the most now
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    I avoid buying parts at the dealer as much as possible. I want to support local shops but the markup at my dealer is insane. Even on stens they are 35% higher than online.

    But what really irks me is being ripped off like the OP. Bought a tire and before mounting realized the bead was damaged took back and they argued there's no way it was like that when I took it home. (Except it was) this was severe damage like by using a tire machine with wrong size rim.

    Bought a case of oil got home and realized 11 quarts. Bought several parts and two chainsaw chains. They boxed up and I got home with just one chainsaw chain. GRRRR!

    I like OEM parts as much as possible but I'm not taking the aggravation or being taken advantage of.
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    The local dealer is crap
    Took a trimmer for warraty work they were rude and make all kinds of excuses. I called hin up on most of them and he started yelling. I been buying everithing online and since i learned how to work on equpment i dont need the monkeys of that shop. Cant call them mechanic. That would be an insult the real mechanics we have here on LawnSite.
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    I really like my dealer. Husband and wife owners, second generation, business started by the wife’s father. When I was shopping for mowers, they were the only dealer who took the time to explain everything, even though they knew I wasn’t buying yet. Alway been good on service speed. Prices are competitive.

    Now there is another bigger dealer I vowed never to set foot in again. Brought in Echo trimmers for repair that my dealer couldn’t work on. They kept them two weeks, called me up and said they were ready, but when I went to use them, they weren’t fixed. Brought them back in and didn’t even get an apology; just some lame excuse the tech was really busy. The last time I went in the owner had left his Glock on the counter and was chatting it up with his employee with his back turned. When I pointed it out to him, he just laughed, told me he had his CCW, and then asked if it intimated me. Looked him dead in the eye and told him not in the least. I left and have never set foot in there again. Not going to reward an idiot with my business.
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    Dealers are just like Landscapers. Some very good, some very bad.
    Judging attitude isn't an accurate way to measure a dealer.
    He might of just gotten off the phone with a dip sxxx LS who feels he's entitled to free everything.
    Works both ways.
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    but the difference is that "fake" smile you still have on your face after the fact as you service the next customer

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