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    New to Irrigation Business & I have a couple questions:

    1) How much do i adjust an estimate for a Shale type ground that has to be hand dug, as opposed to pulling pipe?

    2) After doing a saearch on Nelson products it seems its a Ford vs. Chevy type comparison of quality. Are there definate advantages / disadvantages to this brand?

    3) I searched for how "heat" affects an interior controller. I came up empty handed, but noticed this discussion in a few other threads. Can someone expound on this?
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    I'm a bit North of you, but I know about GA clay soil. Here in Nashville it's rare to see anyone try and pull pipe vs. trenching. In fact some of the big commercial jobs require a backhoe to get deep enough for the main.(big rocks).

    As far as pricing hand trenching, figure your labor cost and mark it up like any other job. However, look at renting a small trencher if you have more digging than help.

    2) Nelson, never used it. Just make sure whatever brands you choose, that you buy from a good dealer that will continue to carry them. It's a lot easier to pop in a new diaphram on a valve than to cut one out because you can't get a replacement.

    3) Heat on an Interior controller? If it's inside, it shouldn't be a factor. If you mean outdoor controller, then most can take the heat and cold. On Rainbirds, you can actually detach the electric panel and keep it inside in the winter if you are concerned.

    Hope this helps.
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    Brentlent covered it pretty good. Don't forget about check valves on those hills, it will prevent back drainage. Good Luck.

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