Shallower spindles for doubles?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by naturescape, Jun 30, 2003.

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    I would like to run double blades on my 48" EXM TT ECS, at least once in a while, but I can't because of the blow out. Can you recommend a part number for a shallower spindle to me, or is there any way I can modify the existing spindles to allow the bottom blade of a double blade setup to be the proper depth in the deck?
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    Thanks for the post. There are a couple of options but neither of them is great.

    One option would be to remove your spindle shafts and take them to a local machine shop to have them shortened.

    Many years ago we did offer a double blade kit. This kit consisted of spindle, blades support and hardware to mount double blades. The issue is that you may still need to take them to a machine shop for modification. At the time we offered this kit we were using 1/2" blade bolts. Today we use 5/8" so you would either need to enlarge hole in the spindle for the blade bolt or buy a bunch of blades with 1/2" holes.

    Truthfully the end results will probably still be the same. It’s probable that you’ll get nearly identical blow out, you'll still be drawing more horsepower to spin the blades and in many conditions the quality of cut may suffer. You may want to hold off for a few months before making any modifications to your machine. The 2004 product changes will be announced in October or November. The engineers may be working on the issues you are currently experiencing.



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