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    Have any of you used this granular weed control for plant beds? I've used this on a site and it seems like the weeds are still getting through. I used exactly what the lable recommended at a 1/2lb. per 1000. also was watered in. any thoughts on this would be appreciated. What do you currently use for plantbed weed control?
  2. DiscoveryLawn

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    I don't have a label here but I think the rate is around 3-4 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. I would say that would be what your problem is.

    KY GRASSLANDS LawnSite Member
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    Typo that was to suppose to say 3 1/2lbs per 1000.what other products have some of you'll used.
  4. specialtylc

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    Use Casoron as long as there is no water runoff. Its 10 times the better product. Kills existing weeds and grasses and prevents new germinations.
  5. neal-wolbertsinc

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    Snapshot has Gallery in it and Surflan, I believe, but not enough Gallery to hold aggressive broadleaves at bay. A better combination product is Gallery, Barricade at high label rates. Apply over-the-top except on tulips and any stage, even dormant. Ask your customers to mark where their tulips are before you apply or you will hurt or kill them outright. The tulip problem is the only snafu we have faced using this combo. Expect a solid four months control on most broadleaf and grassy weeds. This is a liquid easily applied with a backpack and won't move or harm grasses or surface rooted plants like Casoron may...doesn't stain either. Have done hundreds of these apps. in the last few years and so far no weed resistance has shown up. The combo is less expensive than the high rate of Snapshot and more effective, but it does have to be sprayed. Have to admit that Casoron is a dandy pre and post in some cases but it has it's down sides, one of which is it's mobility, i.e., tracking by foot, moving with water etc. Neal

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