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Share your 2023 mower fleet!

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just curious what mowers everyone is running this year... heres my working fleet.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Plant

1998/99 scag SWZ 48" 17 HP

Lesco hydro 48" 17 HP electric start, not sure on the year

2019 Toro timemaster

Sutech stealth 33" 13 Hp, not sure on the year.

not pictured are currently not running machines, a redhawk hydro 48"(needs new gaskets and possibly carb) and a 2001 SWZ that likely needs new rings, might just put a new engine on it.

oh and cant forget the honda commercial 21" thats used like 3 times a year lol.

oh and before anyone bashes me for running the mowers without belt covers, dont worry i was only cleaning/greasing them before the picture ;)
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Are Lescos rebadged Scags? Or are they their own machine?
they were designed by MTD, and as far as i know lesco, cub cadet, and MTD all sold the same machine, just different colors.

its heavier-built then the scags,and way faster. it cuts pretty well too. but i feel its kinda overbuilt, so its handling is not very good. overall great machine though.
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I'm off tomorrow - I should do a photoshoot.
Maybe before my wife gets up and sees what I'm doing. She already thinks I'm nuts.
i wonder why... :ROFLMAO:
3 52s, 2 36s, and a 48
besides the convenience in cutting height changes, how do the fixed deck vs floating decks perform?
Honestly its not a huge difference. The floating still scalps but just not as much. Wright is done making the fixed deck anyway so it is what it is.
kind of sad to see them go... i kind of like the old wright stander we have in shop because its more compact, easier to get into tighter spaces, stuff like that. also easier to access belts and grease points.
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if I could remember to take a pic but in the fleet this year
Toro 96
Scag TT2 72
Scag Vr2 61
Scag Cheetah 61
2 Exmark viking 48
walker 48 literally never used
Couple Exmark/toro 21
toro 96?? what kind of properties do you do?
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