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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TOSLC, Apr 11, 2001.

  1. TOSLC

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    Have any of you ever been asked to share a job with another contractor?

    What happened was I had an ederly lady (account generated about $600/month) who had about 2 acres. She also had about 30 full grown oak trees (some of you might of remembered the post about how to get grass to grow in shade) which I convinced her to trim and cut some down. She found a tree trimming service (I do landscaping but no large trees) that came and removed about 17 trees. I have a full time job but have two guys that help me part time, so as many of you know I have a rough time keeping up.

    She decided that it would be best to keep these guys around and we would all just work happily together. After they planted grass seed (who knows what kind, probably Kentucky 31) and fertilized the yard I told the lady that I had no control of what they were doing and did not feel comfortable with what they were doing. "Either they leave, or I leave". She told me that they really worked hard (like I don't) and that she thought they could keep up better since there were eight of them. So I told her that I was done and wished her luck with a tree service taking care of a yard.

    Was I wrong, or did I do the right thing? I liked the account, but she is loosing her mind, and is getting harder to please. Any suggestions would help, for the next time I encounter this.
  2. 65hoss

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    8 people doing 2 acres?? They will put themselves out of business.
  3. HOMER

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    I wouldn't share the work unless I shared the money! I would let them have it. Do they also cut grass?
  4. Skookum

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    I can see the problems with some of that but, I have done it. I mowed for a woman that had all her trees taken care of by another company. They managed to make a mess in the yard and not clean it up several times a year. Worst is being on a tight schedule and getting at the property to find someone else there working doing something that will not allow you to work then or worst for a few days later even.

    I think most of us have mowed for a customer who was paying another to treat the lawn which can cause mowing headaches. I still do have an account that does not use us for snow removal, but that does not interfear with my other services. Irrigation work was a good one too, get there to mow or spray and find irrigation crew there with yard all tore up and wet. Or worse, you just sprayed and some crew is there running the irrigation system less than a hour later! This goes along with subs or being a sub also.

    When you do not have total control on the property, then it will eventually cause a problem down the road. All my accounts are now this way. I did not realize how many problems those other accounts really were until I realized I did not miss them at all! The point still is likely you put up with what you need to, when you do not need to, you will not put up with it anymore.
  5. CT18fireman

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    If the tree company planted the seed where they had removed the trees then I see no problem. Recently I had a customer that had a buried oil tank removed from their yard. The company doing the work made a mess moving equipment in and digging. Part of their price included regrading and seedinf any damage done. I saw no problem with this. I do not do this type of work (tank removal) so I could not offer the service. If I make a mess of a yard doing drainage work or lot clearing I include cleanup and reseeding. It is part of a complete job. I have a problem leaving a job incomplete. Now if the customer wants to change services that is fine. It is their choice but I get paid for my service and I finish my work as agreed on. I doubt that a dedicated tree company wants to be mowing lawns. Tell the lady you are not responsible or the new seed growin and she may have to have you reseed or fertilize. If she is a good customer and she likes your sevice then you should try to work with her.

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