Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawrence stone, Feb 11, 2000.

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    Now there's a ball of fire for ya. HEHEHE!
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    Fireball,The older hippo's grass eating coverage is going to be a little slower. <p>But since he will be traveling a little slower his spreading of HS (almost like BS) will be at a more consistent rate and have better coverage. So that will increase your gross profit margin.<p>jim
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    How many acres can you cut with a walk behind wiht a velky vrs. howmany acres can you cut with a zrt? Time is money and money is time!. With a zrt you can cut up to 3 to 4 times as much which means you can get your jobs done faster which in turn you can get more jobs which means more income. Just a little commen sence.<p>----------<br><br>
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    No way.<p>If you compare our 60&quot; WB vs. our 60&quot; Lazers, the difference in production is nominal. On smaller lawns/lots of landscaping the WB is slightly faster. On larger/more open properties, the Lazer is faster.<p>Overall, a Lazer is maybe 10-15% more productive.
  6. Here is a little common sence spammer.<p>44-6260 toro 62&quot; deck belt<br>your price $51.84 <br>pro parts price $27.95<p>27-1160 toro 52&quot; deck belt<br>your price $29.26<br>pro parts price $20.49<p>51-4290 toro drive belts<br>your price $29.00<br>pro parts price $23.95<p>Plus since I am such a good customer<br>pro parts ships ALL orders to me for FREE<p><br>Any comments?<br>
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    All those knock-offs last 1/2 as long as the originals. They're worthless.<p>You can buy those locally for less money anyway.
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    Sound to me like like he's (Lawrence Stone) leaving us and moving on to agitate and insult people at Pro Parts - but not soon enough!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps just wishful thinking!<p>
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    Kent Lawns,<p>Don't be so quick to jump on the &quot;aftermarket parts are junk&quot; bandwagon. The manufacturers source their belts and stuff from outside sources too. If you find a good aftermarket supplier, they sell oem quality parts. <p>I order some stuff from J Thomas. I get my Grasshopper belts from them and they last as long as the ones Grasshopper sells. As a matter of fact, I ordered a set of PTO belts for the Grasshopper one time from J Thomas and they were Grasshopper belts with the logo and everything. They must have been so specific to this mower that the manufacturer of the belts only made them with the Grasshopper logo. So it is obvious they were coming from the same place Grasshopper gets theirs.
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    Lawrence stone and finecut the same person??

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