Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawrence stone, Feb 11, 2000.

  1. Finecut

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    Have you ever seen a post I made that was insulting to anyone who was not being an obnoxious bore? The only person I have every ridiculed on this or any other forum is the one and only Lawrence Stone! No, I can assure you that Larry Flint, Lawrence Stone, Supercut or whatever other alias names he uses are not affiliated with me!<br>
  2. southside

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    Now,now,now. Lets not get too nasty here.<br>Lets not get personalities mixed up with this.:)<p>Karl
  3. accuratelawn

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    My mistake
  4. Finecut

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    from IL
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    No, it was not your mistake Accurate I made the mistake of lowering myself to Lawrences level - certainly don't want to be mistaken for someone of his (Lawrence) ilk. I hope along the way I haven't offended anyone, (Other than Lawrence and his other alter egos) if i have I certainly haven't meant to offend and apologize. I do hate to see this ruined by one bad apple, you can see how successful a person he is by his own forum I suspect this is just the story of his life and he chooses to attack others to bolster his low self esteem!
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    Can you really cut 3 to 4 acre an hour with a w/b and a velky? I just can not se how you can a leave a nice cut. I can see maybe 1 1/2 acre for field cutting but that should be tops.<br>Also if you want to by oem quailty replacement parts check out my web site. I sell parts manufactured by Stens. <p>----------<br><p>

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