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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by fraz001, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. fraz001

    fraz001 LawnSite Member
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    whats the best way to get a sharp blade????
    lesgo has a sharpener 330.00 it works great ,but i think a bit much?????
  2. Wells

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    might want to fix your signiture line.

    "U crow it we mow it". Is that supposed to be "u grow it we mow it"?

    $330.00 isn't all that bad for a sharpener. The magna-matic sharpeners start around $600.00 and go up to around $1200.00

    I've just been using a regular bench grinder and that seems to work fine for now.
  3. MudslinginFX4

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    I too use a regular bench grinder. After a while you start to get the hang of it and it is real easy to do. I just can't see spending the money on a blade sharpner when I can do it with a grinder super fast! However, Wells is right, $330 isn't all that bad.
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    I used to think that a bench grinders work just fine , but over the years i have found out that a actual blade sharpner is the way to go .. on a bench ginder the blades turn down an don a blade sharpner it turns up . so you sharpen less blade meaningyour blades last longer and also it gives you blades the correct angle it should be sharpend at ..

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  5. mow2nd

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    I have the Lesco Blade sharpener, and it is GREAT. The problem with a bench grinder is you will not get the proper angle on the blade. Good investment, go with the Lesco and keep those blades sharp
  6. charlies

    charlies LawnSite Senior Member
    from earth
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    after hearing so much about lescos grinder, i went and looked at one two days ago, at the lesco outlet in elkridge. anyway, i had never seen one before. it is nothing more than a bench grinder with a slightly different guide plate. i can just rig up a template for a regular bench grinder that would simulate that. that would cost about $2.50 for a 2x4" to make a blade guide on my table saw. bolt the assembled 2x4 guide to the table in front of the benchgrinder. a little experimenting to get the height and angle right, and even if you had to buy the grinder, you are still paying a TON less.

    i know that real blade grinders are a different story entirely...
  7. LawnSite Member
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    im sorry to say charlies, but there is a diffrence betwenn a bench grinder and a actual blade shaprner . the rotation of the wheel you may think this has no bearing on your blades but it does in last ability of the blade . Also how long the blade stays sharp while cutting through ou the day. A bench grinder tends to burn the blade once you heat the blade and make the blade change color its no good . you have to start over and resharpen it so u have a clean sharpen blade .. the blade becomes brittle and will break down after one yard causing your blade to be dull and ripping the lawns instead of giving it a clean cut. trust me the money u spend now will save u money in the long run on cost of blades. i have been in a this business for 11 years not just someone getting started .. do what u like but understand the diffrence between the two. good luck

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  8. fraz001

    fraz001 LawnSite Member
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    thanks guys , I think i'll pay the money and do it the right way...
  9. charlies

    charlies LawnSite Senior Member
    from earth
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    i am trying to understand, but i am not quite there. the lesco grinder and my bench grinder are extremely similar. both have a plate at an angle in front of the wheel. the lesco dealer claims that i would run the blade across in a way very similar to the way i do with the bench grinder, with the surface of the edge pointing toward the ceiling. this is where i start not understanding. are you saying that the wheel spins in the opposite direction that a bench grinder's wheel does? so it is shooting ground particles at my face? i just don't see how you could get a good sharpening like that. won't the blade keep kicking up?
  10. qball98

    qball98 LawnSite Member
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    Maybe I can help you understand because I just bought one two months ago. Yes the sparks are shooting up instead of down like a bench grinder (which is what I used before with an adapter plate I made so it would keep the same angle). The wheel spinning the opposite direction (sparks shooting up) is just one of the differences. This helps because it does not pull the blade into the wheel like a bench grinder. It makes it harder for you too overheat the blade which is very easy to do on a bench grinder. Some of the other things you will notice are that the wheels have different grits and hardness ratings than the ones used on bench grinders. Take a look at magna-matics website they give you all of the information about the differences (I bought their 8000 series and love it).

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