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  1. greatgatsby

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    i just bought a scag 48". what is the best method to sharpen the blades. i do have a grinding wheel, but is there such a thing as a commercial lawn mower blade sharpener? or can i get away with using a regular mounted grinding wheel? thanks.
  2. Nosmo

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    Get ready for recommendations from plain files, angle grinders, bench grinders and blade grinders. Forgot to mention some will recommend belt sanders -- floor models and/or hand held ones.
  3. Stillwater

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    the best way to sharpen a blade is a opinion, their is no answer to this question. you can in fact (as you say) get away with using a regular mounted grinding wheel.
  4. greatgatsby

    greatgatsby LawnSite Member
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    thanks for the warning... i just wanted to be sure i was not going to ruin any blades. thanks
  5. topsites

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    Probably a little bit of practice goes a long ways, the biggest issue to watch out for is heat stress (here we go again lol). That is, if you see the steel underneath the sharpening tool turning color it would likely be a good idea to back off a little as the heat affects the temper.

    But ruin it?
    Just take it easy, I'd say you can be pretty rough with it so long you're not a total fool about it.
    In my 6th year I splurged and got myself a dedicated blade sharpener, they're pretty nice (and pretty pricey too).
    But a regular hand held 4" or 4.5" grinder such as the $10 or so Chicago Electric sold by Harbor Freight is what I used for many years. I did start out with a Dewalt but at $40 to $80 per each I find the Chicago Electric as good, I bought like 3-4 of those $10 ones figuring just in case one crapped out but it never did...

    Also get yourself a $3 blade balancing tool, most any home hardware store carries these.
    Not sure about Harbor Freight here, but Home Depot or Lowe's does carry them.
    15 bucks you're all set.

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