Sharpen Gators?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Yard Dude, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Yard Dude

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    Hello Gents - Long time lurker here. I have gotten so much good info from you guys, I've gotta say thank you. Those of you who run Gator Blades....Do you bother sharpening the tails of the blade?


  2. SOMM

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    We haven't sharpened the gator-teeth in 7 years of using them, every Oct-April., whether push, wb, or Z gators.

    IOO - the trick is to keep the front edge sharpened at the-perfect-45, without bluing the edges which weakens them. Any front's sharpness will last longer this way than the dulling they incur from blunter impact of leaves and/or grass at steeper than 45 degree sharpness on the front edge.

  3. marko

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    The teeth on the back (top) of the blade are not designed to be sharpened, just the front cutting edge. The teeth are designed to move the air (and grass clippings) inward to be recut.
  4. Yard Dude

    Yard Dude LawnSite Member
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    Thanks, guys, that's what I thought (or hoping!)

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