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    I'm about to buy my 1st blade sharpener from you guys, magna matic..

    I was looking at the MAG 9000 as my 1st sharpener..

    As of current, i'm using a 8" bench grinder and I'm having some difficulties sharpening my blades because I have to move it and angle it to the correct angle..

    For the Mag 9000 I was looking at the pictures and I see that there is a white case that you rest the blade on and you slide the blade across left and right and you dont have to worry about the angle??

    is this true or do i still have to angle it like the bench grinder?
  2. Racer99

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    Im courious as to your question as well..
  3. lazer 46

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    I'm sure Magnamatic will answer your question, but in the meantime I have the 9000 and it is great. The blade lays flat on the platform and the grinding wheel adjusts up and down. The blade is pushed back and forth on the flat surface and as long as you have the wheel close to the platform you will get the correct angle. A little practice and there's nothing to it. And the blades are sharp.
  4. Racer99

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    Thankyou sir for your reply
  5. Magna-Matic

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    Hello All,

    The angle of the edge on all Magna-Matic sharpeners are VERY easy. Simply use the crank at the top of the machine to lower the grinding wheel to where it almost touches the plastic worktable. This is your ANGLE reference point of 30 degrees, no matter what the diameter of the grinding wheel, as long as you continue to lower it to that point as the wheel wears, you will maintain a 30 degree angle on all your blades.

    See here for more info about the MAG-9000

    So to answer your question in short: our sharpeners address the maintenance of the blade angle more easily than any other. All of our competitors allow the movement of the wheel for angle adjustment, BUT none provide an angle reference point, or way to measure the angle. You can only match or create a new angle of an unknown degree.

    Please ask again if this is not clear.

    Thank you,

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