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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by CPLLTT, Jan 15, 2002.


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    Hi all,
    What do the mower shops use to sharpen their mower blades? Do they just use a bench grinder? I have a professional 10" bench grinder but I cant seem to sharpen them as nice as the pro's do. Do I just need practice or is there a special tool? Thanks!
  2. Jason Pallas

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    Alpine - there's no special tool - but experience and a steady hand helps. The shop gets them sharpened by using a dedicated rotary blade grinder. It's a lot like a bench grinder BUT the wheel RPM are lower. Thus, the metal does heat up and lose temper as easy when you sharpen. These grinders are about $300 for the basic model - but well worth it. We purchased one last year (after using a bench grinder for years) - what a difference!! The blades stay sharper much longer - up to 2-3 times longer!
  3. bob

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    My local JD dealer uses a large hand held grinder. I bought a dedicated blade grinder last year that does a great job. - RBG #218
  4. owen bryant

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    Does anyone know if a Dremel tool will do a good job with blades? I have a bench grinder but am not happy with the results.
  5. Jason Pallas

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    I'd stick to the bench grinder before I'd use a Dremel.
  6. daleintx

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    I came up with a unique idea with sharpening blades. I bought a converter that converts your dc battery power into ac power. I have a small grinder and I just take the blade off and plug in my grinder to the converter and sharpen my blades right on the job sight. Saves money and gas and time.
  7. vipermanz

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    dremels are good at it but its very easy to mess up the angle, but yes the do a really good job.

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    I have used a dremel for sharping gas hedge trimmer blades and it has worked very well for me. Right now thinking of a MAGNA-MATIC ,and getting away from the bench grinder for lawn mower blades, Trying to justify the cost. Any openions on this sharpener would be appricated, I know of other machines at less cost, Just needed some openions. Thank you ,Scott.
  9. cuttingedgelawncare

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    i bought a fireball grinder 5 yrs ago.....500 buck including shipping.....well worth it, heavy duty motor, reverse directions and a snap to use, just shove the blade in and out 5 or so times and its done.....btw we sharpen blades every day or atleast change them every day. we have more than one blades are ESSENTIAL!!!!!!!! for the grass and the mower.
  10. ADA

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    I have a multi use sharpening system. It is a Tormek( not sure of spelling) It is designed to sharpen about anything(knives, chisels, axes etc. I has a 10" inch grinding stone that revolves in a bath of water and a fixed arm that you use jigs on to hold proper angle. I removes Very little metal at a time so would be good for touch ups or final sharpening only. I used it to cure a badly nicked blade once and it took a long time and since the grinding wheel is sacrificial you probably would want something else for rough work. It puts a SUPER edge on. I am sure that a grinder for lawn mower blades would be more practical for commercial use But it is a GREAAAAT tool for the shop if you like toys. It runs about $300.

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