Sharpening blades

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by CPLLTT, Jan 15, 2002.

  1. big james

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    from texas
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    Iuse a Makita hand grinder and sharpen every day ,then finish edge them with a file , thats probably overkill but they will shave a hair when I get done ,but it don't last long , and be sure to balance them !:D
  2. Wangel

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    from Kansas
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    I use a drill attachment that I bought at Home Depot. It cost about $5.95 and lasts about all summer. I keep a cordless drill in the truck and sharpen daily. I might go through one or two attachments, but for $12 a year, it would take me about 25 years to compare with a $300 sharpener.
  3. Derdader

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    I've used a bench grinder (wasn't satified either) and a 4 1/2" disc grinder (better...) I've even heard of guys using a belt sander that said produced good results.
  4. Mid Rivers

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    GS. I use a RBG but I saw a Magna- and was impressed. If I didn't have the RBG I would buy the Magna just because the speed of it.
  5. Jason Pallas

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    We bought a LESCO (about $300) last year. It's basically a RBG with the LESCO name slapped on it. It was one of the best investments I've made in 20 years in the biz. I used to use a bench grinder. I can't tell you how different the dedicated Lesco is. The blades are sharper, they stay sharper longer, it's easier to sharpen, etc.... If you've got the means - this (a dedicated grinder) is the way to go. Well worth it.
    After using it, I couldn't imagine even going back to a bench grinder. I do use a dremel or a die grinder (air) to sharpen hedge trimmers and chain saws - that works well. But I think sharpening mower blades with it (or a drill) would be a huge pain. Just my 2 cents - I know a lot of you do it and swear by it (more power to ya).

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