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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by Lemonds, Mar 25, 2002.

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    Where can I buy wheels for my magna-matic, cheaper than what they sell them for?
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    You will most likely not find grinding wheels for Magna-Matic sharpeners any less expensive than what we offer them for. We purchase them in bulk directly from NORTON ABRASIVES, and sell them direct to our customers, this keeps the mark-up as low as possible. You may be able to find our wheels in some industrial catalogs or supply houses, but it is very important that you get exactly the same wheel or the performance and safety will not be at the same level.

    All our wheels are rated at 5500 RPM for maximum safety. This is necessary for the MAG-8000 which runs at 4200 RPM, and for the MAG-9000 which runs at 3450 RPM. The reason for its importance with the MAG-9000 is the angled approach that is made at the grinding wheel. The wheels are rated at 5500 RPM to have more strength because of the side forces applied to the grinding wheel when coming at the angle of approch in the MAG-9000.

    Every year we have a SPRING SALE (going on now) on grinding wheels. This allows our customers to buy all the grinding wheels they need for the season at the lowest price. If you buy all your grinding wheels for the season during the sale you will have the lowest price per wheel and lowest shipping cost per wheel (or no shipping cost if you buy online).

    Please note we cannot ensure your safety or performance when using other grades or brands of grinding wheels.

    Here is a link to the spring sale.

    Here is a link to our grinding wheel section of our online store.

    If you have any more questions i will be glad to help in anyway i can!

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