She Let Him Have It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by METRO 36, Apr 5, 2006.

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    My neighbor called me last spring and asked if i would have time to run over to a friends house to clean up some storm damage. I went to the and told them what it would cost and said i could get started right away, I also told her i could mow the yard for 50.00 a week, its abought a half acre but has quit a bit of trimming. She said she already had a lco and they did the lawn for 40.00 a week. So i just finished up collected my check and left.

    Well this morning when i was walking out to my truck my neighbor said to me my friend wants you to come bye and give her another estimate, so i went right over first thing this mornin knocked on the door talked to her and she said will you look around and tell me what you would charge, I said 50.00 dollars same as last year when i quaoted you a price. She told me thats fine start any time you think its ready to mow. we talked payment clean ups, etc. I made a quick walk around and made note and took pics of any bad damage, ruts,scared tree trunks(from trimmers mowers etc) broken water caps, etc. and i noticed there where ruts 4-5 inches deep where the previous LCO had mowed the same direction every time. When they had done there clean up last fall they had thrown the sticks pineneedles and other debri behind the trees and in the bushes(just a crappy job imo) any i start down to my truck and there is a lco truck sitting behind my trailer.

    When i got to my truck he got out and asked what i was doing at his clients house, well i said they wanted an estimate so i came bye to give them one,which he replied what was your estimate? I told him it was really none of his business but 50.00 a week and i will be takeing over this spring,He replied I dont belive this, a kid comes over with a z71,a belt driven exmark and a 12 foot trailer and bids the job 10.00 higher and steals my client. Well by this time the homeowner is there chewing his a$# for abought 2 minutes(bye the end of this conversation he is saying yes mam)then he gets in his truck and leave's. Then she tells me she has a summer home and she is not in town all summer. Apparently this guy wasnt mowing every week, he was mowing by-weekly and charging her for weekly most of last summer. On top of charging her a 300.00 clean up charge and imo doing abought 70.00 worth of work and hideing the rest in the bushes. The homeowner told me that her daughter was staying there for two wekks on vaction and she never saw anyone and the grass wasnt cut. but she still got billed for it.

    IT's people like that that make it easier for us to charge higher prices and sell are self as dependable and reliable along with good service, but also at the same time make people wary of all LCO and let the boy down the street do it.

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    :laugh: :laugh: Dont ya just luv it!!:laugh:
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    Great for you. Now you can show her why paying a little more is worth it.

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    God that is crap, charging her when he wasn't doing anything. Well, I guess that just makes you that much better!
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    simialr thing happened to me. i maintained a property for an existing customer's sister while prop was for sale, 75.00 per cut, a little out of my area but they were willing to pay. house didn't sell, next year they got a local hick to do it for $15.00 less per cut, biweekly. whole summer goes by, then a neighbor calls up to complain that the yard looks so bad he is concerned about prop. value and tells her he hasn't seen anyone there in almost 2 months. she goes by to see (she lives out of state) and the guy had been there the day before. she said it looked like a hay field which had been recently cut, complete with rows of cut grass laying on top.she was mailing this guy a check every two weeks like clockwork, but when he realized no one lived there, he stopped coming but kept collecting. she had her mother call me to ask if i would start maintaining it again and i told her yes but that price would be $85 due to fuel prices and driving distance. to sum it up, i start next week.

    moral of the story - if you're a scumbag, run for office, don't give the rest of us a bad name!!:hammerhead:
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    good fro you brenden on the price increase. It just goes to show how many people out there run a shady operation, and if you sell your honesty,reliabilty,and quality you can get a higher price for your work( of course not always but sometimes) just like the price in my area is pretty much set but i seem to be able to get a higher price abought 50 percent of the time,but i try to sell myself on quality,going the extre mile,and dependabilty.

    face you might pay this guy 25.00 a week, and he comes 2 days late, doesnt mow when your on vaction,doesnt trim where its not noticable,and just generaly runs a half a#$ job.

    Or you can a reliable lco 30-35.00 a week hes there on the day he is suppossed to be,trims everything like its suppossed to be, and he cuts it when your on vaction, and it actually looks good.
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    Unless the guy really did cut the grass and the chick staying there never saw him. That doesnt excuse the lousy job but is a possibility.

    I had one old lady tell me one time we didnt cut a part of her yard because her cleaning lady was there and she didnt see us do it:dizzy: . Stupid customer...
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    Great story Metro :) Glad you got the job.
    Good going to you too Brendon :)
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    I hope it works out for you.

    Remember that customers lie all the time.


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