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    What are the best shears for trimming hedges, manual not gas. I want to get more into the hand pruning on the smaller shrubs but every set I get just don't cut the mustard..............or the shrubs. We have a landscape company in town that doesn't even own gas trimmers as far as I know and their work is top notch. I need to get some practice.......................what to buy?

    How many on here use the hand shears over the gas?
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    Homer, I sometimes use manual shears. I just went to walmart or home depot and bought the best ones they had. I think they are Fiskar brand, the same company that makes sissors. They have held up very well so far. They are nice for smaller shrubs. Hope this helps a little.
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    Ditto TJLC.

    I keep them sharp and use them often.
    I've tried wavy blades and even serated. But these were difficult to sharpen (to say the least!)
    Now, I have straight blades and I give them a few swipes with a bastard before each use. (If they need it.)
    I like 'em sharp and straight!
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    I'm having trouble with the exhaust burning my shrubs. I'm thinking of going to a good set of shears. I see that Sthil makes a really nice one, little pricey at $120.00. I just bought this Husky 225H60 Gas Trimmer last year. I don't remember the problem with burning last year so I can't figure out what's going on this season. Just had the blades sharpened and I'm still getting brown patches on the yew shrubs. If anyone else has had problems like this please advise on how to CURE the problem.
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    Homer, I remember reading your post about trimming the shrubs up into perfect balls, so I'm assuming that's what's motivating this question. With that in mind, let me say that. in my experience, a gas trimmer will work just fine. You just need a feather touch, you can't go at it like a bull in a china shop. The way I do it, is take it off in several small, straight angles on the sides. The top I just follow the contour of, if it's already been rounded. If not, I just picture the shape that I want it to have and cut following the picture in my mind.

    In short, if it were me, I would stick with the gas trimmer because otherwise I'd make too much work for myself. Godd luck and let us know how it turns out.
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    Thats what we do by the case $13.99. I like them just as much as the $40-50 shears.

    If you are not satisfied with the gas units you might even consider a generator to power the electrical units like Little Wonder.

    Homey, just remember that if you have larger hedge rows to shear that you might not be able to have clients who can afford to have them cut in this manner.

    I think that for the smaller specimens such as Spirea, Barberry, Euonymous, Ivy, etc. that these hand helds are essential. Just dont sell yourself short for work.

    We also use these units for cutting back Hostas and Daylillies in the fall after the season has ended.

    Good Luck!!
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    I also like the look that you can get from a good set of hand shears over the gas trimmer. They cut everything so tight and straight. I was thinking of buying a set of ARS I think they were around 80-100 dollars. I would buy a nice set not the ones from home improvement stores.
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    A little off the subject, but when shearing rounded shrubs, try using the manual shears upside down. I mean holding the tool in front of you, the tip would be pointing toward the ground. This is a natural, easy way to take care of your rounded shrubbery.
    Take care, Bill Craig:blob3:
  10. CSRA Landscaping

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    Actually, I do that with my gas trimmer too!

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