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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by KKBElite, Dec 7, 2006.

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    Call me ignorant but what good is it to a PG mag/ Zspray or what have you for the use of appling herbicide? They tout being able to do all this SQ FTdge with very little water. All products I know require at least .5 gal/1000. Seems to me there would be alot of filling/refilling. Example how is the PG Mag going to do 50/1000sqft with only 12 gal. I don't know any product which calls 30 oz/1000? What about drift or vaporization? Just curious?:confused:
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    If you read most herbicide labels, and that is mainly what these machines are utilized for, liquid wise anyway, there is a special section for ultra low volume application (ULV). These are the same a.i. rates per acre, but with the lower carrier rates down to as little as 5 gallons per acre. The nozzles on the PG are, what, 8",10" off the ground? I can't speak for the Z, but if it's windy enough to bother the spray pattern, it's windy enough to affect the fert. pattern. Just my $.02, Marc
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    Take for example a postemergent that calls for 1 oz per M with traditional spray equipment. With the PG Magnum, you mix 4.27 ounces per gallon of water of that product if you operate in high gear. The 12 gallon tank will treat over an acre in this scenario.

    I have sprayed many different types of flowables and ECs with excellent results. If your product is a WDG or WSP, you will need to premix in another tank that has good agitation. Liquid fertilizers are one of the few products that theoretically will not work because of the amount of water needed to avoid damaging the turf. Most believe that fungicides cannot be sprayed at ULV as well, but my guess is that has not been truly tested. If you are dealing with a systemic fungicide, I don't see how ULV would be a problem.

    Because the nozzles are close to the ground, light to moderate wind will not shut you down as with pulling hose.

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    i love my pg's look at it this way if u can spray it out of a back pac it can go out a pg
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    Don't waste any more time are labor buy one it will be the best investment
    you will ever make. If you are serious about this business and growing do it
    You will wonder why u did'nt do it sooner.
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    Have u tried atrazine or semizine?
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    I sprayed Simtrol (Simazine) recently. Premixed it on the truck tank with jet agitation, then pumped it in to the PG. The application itself went great. I was originally concerned about the thickness of the Simtrol mixture, but it was no problem at all to spray.

    Of course there is no way to know right now what the efficacy was. My guess is that there will be no difference in results versus the hose method.
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    I tried sedgehammer in my PG this year premixed it in a cup. Worked very
    well. i wonder if different tips would allow for use of different products that
    need more water. Let me Know how the semazine works out
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    I think in general with any WDG or powder, it will be necessary to premix and then spray the product right away to keep it in suspension.

    If you let it sit in the PG tank for very long the material will begin to settle, which could result in a clogged system. I have experienced that first hand.
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    Turf hows the temp in GA. Pretty cold last night here
    My mom just moved atlanta

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