shelf life of grass seed

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by midtnstone, Oct 21, 2004.

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    this may come as a stupid question but how long do you think grass seed would stay good in the bag closed up and stored in a garage. the reason i am asking lowes has 50 lb bag of ryegrass for $5.00. for that price thought i might store some up. :help:

    if anybody is needing some of this let me know
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    Grass seed can be stored safely at 8-12 per cent moisture, depending on the species. Storage life varies among crop species and will be affected by initial seed quality, seed moisture and storage conditions. To maintain high germination, store seed under cool dry conditions.
    One year should not be a problem. Parasites will begin to invade sooner or later and germination rates will decline eventually but stored correctly you can get away with a few years easily.

    You can successfully store seed using the following suggestions:

    1. Protect against high humidity – using Zip lock storage bags, a plastic container with a snap on lid or a glass jar works well for small amounts but for fifty pound bags any large container,I have used old chest type freezers for instance, will do.

    2. Store in a cool location – protect against temperature fluctuations

    If stored under these conditions your seed should maintain a good germination percentage for several years.
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    thanks for the info that is great. as for the quality it is probably not top of the line it is penndington brand annual rye but i am going to try it anyways
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    dont you just love it when you buy a new bag of seeds, and 5% of the seeds have already germinated in the bag? lol

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