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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by fga, Mar 29, 2005.

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    i am going to be using wood today to make my shelves. not too many, its only a 6x12. i am going to use 2x3 studs. do you think if if i put the studs spaced right, i could get away with a thin plywood? my shelves are basically for holding smaller supplies, like spools of trimmer line, bags, loppers, hand trimmers, oils, etc. maybe (2) echo trimmers on the top shelf.

    any suggestions, i am looking to make it light and sturdy.

    i will post a before and after... here is the before.
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    Adam; use 2x3's and OSB. Oriented Strand Board: Wood chips that are all glued together. Plywood is TOO expensive. 7/16" OSB at HD is roughly $10.50 per sheet. They frame houses with this stuff. Really strong. Put a 2x3 every 16", and that handles the 4x8' sheet of OSB. Make like you are a carpenter. I can answer any carpentry question you may have.

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