Shielded walk behind sprayers ESC52 ESC53 Prolawn Spray Shields

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Premium Properties Lawns, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Premium Properties Lawns

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    I've been mowing lawns commercially for 6 years, but I would like to branch out into the herbicide application sector as well. I am considering purchasing the Prolawn Sprayshields ESC52 or ESC53 walk behind sprayer.

    Does anyone know about how much they cost total?
    I was thinking somewhere around $1000?

    Does anyone have a used model they would like to sell?

    Does anyone currently own an ESC52 that either really likes it or really hates it??

    Any other suggestions for starting up the 'spray sector' of my business?

  2. anlo

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    My best suggestion to you is to find out how to get licensed in your area. In
    New York applying pesticides (yes weed killers are classified as pesticides everywhere) without a license is a hanging offense meaning when you see how expensive the fines are you'll want to hang yourself. I now a guy who fines were over $60,000.

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