Shindaiwa 231 leaking

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by allpro2009, Jun 22, 2008.

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    i have a shindaiwa 231 straight shaft trimmer with the blue housing. it starts up fine and runs good, but i noticed it has a lot of oil/grease mix it appears coming from inside the plastic housing and more towards the front were the motor attaches to the throttle part. today, after a few lawns it started to smoke slightly and it appeared that some of this oil residue got hot and burned. it also at one point, streamed down the side of the housing. its a light oil/water mix looking substance lol...this is a 2cycle motor obviously, so where would "oil" be coming from like this? its not like the oil residue you would get from a rich mix, its solmething else. any ideas would be greatly appreciated! thanks
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    Well because of today noise restrictions caused by Ca DBA laws (not sure if DBA is right because its late tonight) anyway the extra oil is probably coming out around your muffler area inside your housing so you cant see it. because your trimmer is running fine and all is well your just gona have a messy trimmer that runs great. so there is no cause for alarm until your trimmer stops running altogether then you might just have a clogged muffler which is common nowa days.


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