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Shindaiwa Distributor Smiths South Central Sponsors Dealer Incentive Trip

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements' started by Michael J. Donovan, May 9, 2008.

  1. Michael J. Donovan

    Michael J. Donovan Head Moderator, Online Communities Staff Member
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    Shindaiwa Distributor Smiths South Central Sponsors
    Dealer Incentive Trip to the Northwest

    Smiths South-Central Sales out of Springhill, Louisiana recently completed a dealer incentive trip to the headquarters of two of their manufacturers, Shindaiwa and Oregon Cutting Systems (OCS) September 10-14. The trip, co-sponsored by Shindaiwa, OCS and Smiths South-Central, included 11 of Smiths best dealers, Smiths Vice-President Robert Smith, four of Smiths five territory salesmen, Sales Manager Fred Bowen and spouses.

    Known as “The Pacific Northwest Adventure”, the trip was a sales incentive for all Smiths dealers and those that reached the targets set forth by Smiths were eligible to make the trip. 11 dealers qualified for the trip and 11 made the trip to the west coast.

    “These dealers represented some of our finest dealers in our very strong dealer base,” Robert Smith said. “They all enjoyed very strong years.”

    Smith organized the trip which included factory tours of the OCS plant in Milwaukie, Oregon, and the Shindaiwa facilities in Tualatin, Oregon. For most in the traveling party it was their first trip to the West coast so Smith wanted to give them a close look at Shindaiwa, OCS and the Pacific Northwest.

    “Shindaiwa and Oregon are two important and influential manufacturers to our business,” Smith said. “We’ve been an Oregon distributor for 30 years and a Shindaiwa distributor for 20. These two companies were vital early on to our company’s growth.”

    The event began Wednesday evening with a welcome reception at the Heathman Hotel in Downtown Portland. Thursday was spent touring the OCS plant and dining in the Columbia Gorge at Skamania Lodge with OSC personnel. On Friday the group visited Shindaiwa and spent time in the afternoon and evening sightseeing and eating with Shindaiwa personnel.

    “Our first goal was to reward our customers for their hard work,” Smith said. “These are longstanding customers and we wanted to show our appreciation for their loyalty to Smiths. We also wanted them to meet the vendors who are also very important to Smiths. Finally we wanted to get them to know each other and to get ideas from each other. From that standpoint the trip really was a homerun.”

    A world leader in producing commercial-grade outdoor power equipment and environmentally-friendly small engine technologies, Shindaiwa products are distributed exclusively through clean two-step distribution and independent servicing dealers. For more information, please contact Shindaiwa, Inc. Tualatin, Oregon (800) 521-7733. Or visit www.shindaiwa.com.

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