Shindaiwa equipment finally in!


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I ordered the Shindaiwa trimmer, edger and blower friday and it came in today. I first cut my own grass with them and the Gravely. I'm quite pleased with all three. What a difference it makes over the crap I had. I was blown away! The edger cut through everything like butter and never bogged down. Didn't have to stop and go back over any spots. They're a little cold nature at first but after 15-20 seconds they're good to go. And I think I got a good deal on them.

I didn't get the top of the line of each model and I don't think I needed to. Here's what I got:
T235 - $199.99
LE242 - $287.99
EB508T - $263.99

I'm happy!


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the trimmer you got is really an echo that they are passing off as a shind

Pretty sure that blower is an Echo too.

Only thing that is true Shindaiwa in their lineup anymore is the 242, 282, the big backpack and the 4 strokes.

Sad sad sad... The brand used to be the absolute best and has taken a nose dive for the gutter. Not really that the stuff they have is junk (though it pales in comparison to their older stuff), but that their is no originality in their lineup. Everything is basically a red Echo. If I want and Echo, i'll buy an Echo. But when I go to purchase a Shindaiwa, I want a Shindaiwa. The only thing that is Shindaiwa in Echo's lineup is a couple of chainsaws. The Echo CS500P is the Shindaiwa 502S and the CS600P is also an original Shindaiwa. Obviously, because those two saws are their best built machines.

Redmax has always been my 2nd brand and luckily I am able to switch over to them now because at least Husqvarna hasn't jacked with them and ruined their brand like Echo did Shindaiwa.

On a positive note, the equipment that you got is good stuff. The t235 is better than the Echo version because yours has a solid shaft instead of a flex cable.
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It's stupid for a manufucater to produce two identical machines with identical specs. Hence all they do is change the color of the machine.

And husky has invaded red max already. They're no different.
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