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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by oneEXMARKfan, Apr 13, 2001.

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    Did a search on trimmer heads and line, and took the advise of some and bought a spool of Echo Cross-Fire (.095). After reading the different replies to different trimmer heads I thought I would try a fixed line head, I saw one at my Shindaiwa dealer the other day(18.00), and was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it, or any other brands that might be better. (Shindaiwa T-260) Thanks all!
  2. bob

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    Ive got one. I couldn't get it to work right. The trimmer line always touched the bolt that holds the fixed head on. The bolt gets hot and the line melts and breaks. I must have been threading it wrong, but could never figure out another way to thread it.
  3. oneEXMARKfan

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    Hmmmmm.....I see what you mean Bob. In the Shindaiwa brochure it shows one strung up, and unmounted. I see no way it could not be touching the bolt. Thanks.
  4. WLC

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    You might consider drilling the numerous holes that the line threads through to accommodate larger diameter line. I did and thread 0.130 dia. line through. The aluminum is easy to drill and I don't change line as often. Just a tip, for what it's worth. My Shindy She Sings!
  5. oneEXMARKfan

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    I was wondering how bigger line would work. I was thinking when I was looking at 1 at my dealer the other day, that it said it held up to .130 already. Could be wrong. I was plannnig to use this head for bigger line, for the "moster grass" i.e. 6'+ I have to cut. :-( ...need a new bump head for the reg. trimming I do....still trying to find a Green Machine head......Guess I'll have to pick up the Shindaiwa "high profile" head till then. Thanks WLC
  6. KillerShark

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    I've got the fixed line heads on my shindaiwa's (2 T-27's).
    It's all I would use now. They work great. I only use quality .095 line. I feel the .130 is too hard to work with and the gain is not that great. I cut all the line up on a 5# roll into about 24" pieces. I only put one piece on at a time although you can put two. I carry a pair of bypass pruners and when the line is ready to change, I just snip it and pull it out. I've been doing this for about 10 years and for me it's the only way to go.... just my two cents. Just try it... you might like it... I know I did.
  7. oneEXMARKfan

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    I just got back from my dealer....I went ahead and picked up a "high Profile" manual, (another Tornado blade) and will pick up the fixed head Monday. He sold the last one yesterday.
  8. I only use the fixed heads for my Shin, since 1985! All I do is cut 22' piece of 95 or 105 pro-quip or echo smooth. THEN TO SAVE LOTS OF TIME/HASSLE, I simply tie the line in the middle with one overhand knot and thread through opposing sides of disk. In over 16 years of doing this I can't remember a single failure of line slipping out. When done, just pull out and replace. BTW I reuse the same line by untying the middle knot, straighten out the line, tie new knot on the end and rethread. You only end up with one line on one side of the disk, so you do the same for opposing side.

    You can always thread the line as directed in the instructions, but I can tell ya there is more than one way to thread a Shin!

  9. WLC

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    Drilling out the holes only makes it easier to thread the larger dia. line. I'm going to have to check out Paradise's method though.
  10. Jr.

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    I use the fixed head on my T-350. I use the .130 line when I cut rough stuff and It really works great. I had the same problem about the bolt hitting the line so I just took a screwdriver and worked the bolt and washer under the line and then tightend it up afterwards. It is a little trouble but since the larger line doesn't wear fast, it's worth it.

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