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    I remember reading a post a couple weeks ago about how some members thought Shindy was falling out so to speak... Seems to me there doing pretty good...this is from there web site (press release) Just thought I would share

    Shindaiwa, Inc.
    First to Start. Last to Quit.
    Shindaiwa Announces Private Label Agreement
    Portland, Oregon (October 5, 2007) – In a joint announcement, Shindaiwa Inc., Tualatin, Oregon and
    Swisher Inc., Warrensburg, Missouri disclosed they have entered into a Private Label Agreement.
    Under the terms of the agreement, Shindaiwa will manufacture outdoor power equipment for Swisher.
    Initially, the new range of Swisher-branded products will include eleven (11) different models of
    commercial-grade handheld equipment. Each model will be equipped with a powerful, eco-friendly 4-
    stroke engine. The product mix will include Brushcutters, Grass Trimmers, Hedge Trimmers, Lawn
    Edgers, Leaf Blowers, Water Pumps, and Multi-Tools with attachments. All products will be sold
    under the Swisher label and will be marketed throughout Swisher’s North American dealer network to
    farm, ranch, and rural home markets.
    “Many of our customers are looking to us for new and innovative products,” says Wayne Swisher,
    president of Swisher Inc. “So, when Shindaiwa proposed a private label offering of their unique C4
    Technology® products, it was an easy decision. Our company has been building rugged, dependable
    products for the farm and rural markets for 62-years and the agreement with Shindaiwa lines up
    perfectly with our business model. We are very excited to add this new range of high-performance
    products to our market basket,” explained Swisher.
    Swisher is a family-owned, privately held corporation with manufacturing facilities in Warrensburg,
    Missouri and Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Current Swisher products include Zero-Turn Mowers,
    Trailmowers ®, Trail Cutters™, Log Splitters, ATV accessories, and other related equipment. The
    company has enjoyed tremendous growth as it continues to expand its customer base and product
    Shindaiwa is also enjoying remarkable growth. “We had double-digit revenue increases each of the
    last five-years and we recently launched a business development initiative to further accelerate our
    growth rate,” noted Mike Nichols, Shindaiwa’s vice president of business development. “The purpose
    of any business collaboration is to ensure solid revenue and profit growth for both companies. The
    foundation for a win-win relationship is based on a shared vision in which both companies can learn
    from and help each other. Swisher’s familiarity with their market segment and their customer types is
    second to none. Their rural roots and farm-tough designs make their products particularly popular
    with farm store retailers and co-ops serving rural and sub-rural communities. Swisher’s strong
    reputation in the farm segment, Shindaiwa’s legendary product durability, and our shared visions of
    excellence, combine to form the cornerstone for this important collaboration,” remarked Nichols.
    Shindaiwa Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shindaiwa Corporation, Hiroshima Japan and is a world
    leader in producing environmentally-friendly small engine technologies and commercial-grade outdoor
    power equipment. For more information, please contact Shindaiwa Inc., 11975 SW Herman Road
    Tualatin, Oregon 97062. Telephone (800) 521-7733. Or visit
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    That's another notch in Shindy's long line of achievements.
  3. lawnprosteveo

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    Good info...I am one who has questioned Shindaiwa...mostly based on their presence in my hometown market. They are just less a presence than they used to be.
    Also, their C4 products have had some mixed reviews here and their T242's as well. I have also heard some mixed reviews on these from local dealers.
    I run mostly Shindy stuff but will shop around when its time to replace them.
  4. Just Mow

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    That's only shows that they cannot stand on their own two feet. If you do not sell enough C-4 units you have to make less of the 2cycle units due to credits. This will help them stay compliant for a little longer, atleast until the next round of changes comes.
    It's just like Echo buying into Shindiawa in order to share the C-4 technology to help them in the future.
    If the dealer's sold enough of it they wouldn't have to sell to Swisher. Now they will be in the mass just like Echo and Husky.

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