Shindaiwa M254 vs. Stihl KM90R & KM110R

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by coasteray, May 25, 2012.

  1. coasteray

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    Shindaiwa has only two sizes of their Hybrid-4 engine, 24.5cc and 34.0cc. Stihl has 4-Mix engines ranging from 28.4cc to 40.2cc.

    I'm considering buying either the Shindaiwa M254 multi-tool unit with the 24.5cc Hybrid-4 engine, OR either the Stihl KM90R (28.4cc) or KM110R (31.4cc), both with the 4-Mix..

    From what I've read in company brochures and on their web sites, the Shindaiwa has .8kw of power, or 1.1HP. The Stihl KM 90R has .95kw/1.27HP and the KM110R has 1.05kw/1.4HP. The thing is, I don't know how much power I really need. I will be cutting through high grass and small sprouting saplings from time to time; also some edging. Will the Shindaiwa 24.5cc engine be good enough? Will it lug at times?

    The Shindaiwa price is about in the middle between the Stihl models, so I find it strange they offer a smaller engine size.

    Thanks for any insights.
  2. rlitman

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    I've got the Stihl KM110R.
    You don't need that much power for string trimming. It is enough power for the stick edger attachment, but less power would make doing the edging the first time of the season very difficult.
    What other attachments are you considering? Some like more power, some don't need it.
    If you do a search on my posts, you'll see that I made a comment about that pretty recently.
  3. coasteray

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    I think the the trimmer, brush cutter, and edger attachments are the primary three. I'm not quite sure beyond that to be honest. The pole pruner sounds interesting. I don't have hedges. Of course, I can loan this unit out to my sons if they need it, and so I'm taking a view to the future, so to speak, for all of us. Thank you very much for responding back.
  4. rlitman

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    Well, here's what I said the other day:

    I have brush cutter blades, but haven't used them so I cannot comment on that.

    The Stihl pole pruner attachment is first class. The clutch prevents you from doing damage if the chain gets stuck. I can do some serious cutting with it, and my 110.
    I dropped a 16" wide cherry tree with it a few years back.

    My straight edger attachment came off an FC-85 (that was replaced by the 90, which has about the same power). On the 85, it had enough power to maintain the cut edge, but it was underpowered for the first cut of the season. On the 110, it is fantastic.
    I'd be worried about using the curved edger to start the edge, as that has a cable shaft, but some people actually prefer it, because it spins faster, which supposedly cuts the grass a little cleaner.
  5. coasteray

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    That's good news about the pole pruner and the clutch action. Thanks for that tip. I also checked your link to the previous thread, and that was good stuff to read, also. Thanks, rlitman!

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