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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by southerneclipse, Mar 27, 2011.

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    I couldn't tell you anything about echo, but I have had many shindaiwa tools. two 242s, three homepros, a backpack blower, an edger, hedge trimmers, two sprayers and a spreader. I really like shindaiwa. I only had trouble with the first 242. the splines on the end of the driveshaft closest to the motor stripped. Since then shindaiwa has changed the design of the shaft. No other issues other than wearing out string trimmer heads. Just this week I took an old homepro and the oldest 242 which I had retired out of the garage, poured gas in them and they fired right up. I may put the parts back on them that I had scavenged for my other trimmers and start useing them again. I also have a c4 edger that I bought unseen off of ebay. It was used. When it arrived I took it out of the box and poured gas in it. It fired on the first pull. I have a Stihl fs100 trimmer and a Redmax 2450 or something like that. I never use them much. My first choice would be Shindaiwa.
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    What would you say is the difference between the shindys you do use and the ones you don't? Power? Weight? Fuel consumption?

    I picked up Redmax's (Husqvarna basically) new tr2350s trimmer that weighs NOTHING. Has plenty of power for my resi's and is great on fuel. Biggest thing for me was weight. My experience has always been the shindy's and stihl were unnecessarily heavy and hard to start. The mexicans would fight over the husqvarna and echo trimmers to not have to use the others.

    I think it just goes to show that you have to go shop, and find what's right for you. Some people have nightmare storys of a brand that other people have used for decades without a problem. It's hard to decypher though who is really using their stuff commercially and beating it up and who's stuff has lasted because it's mainly been sitting in a garage.
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    Thanks...leaning towards shindy or husky now...I appreciate the input.
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    If you talking about short pole hedge trimmer, Shindaiwa is the one for articulate head. If you don't need articulation, the Echo SHC is the best. Echo don't have short articulate hedge attachment like Shindaiwa and it is very very important. I have the M242 with the short articulate hedge trimmer, I use it instead of a regular hedge trimmer for like two years. I only bought a 30" regular hedge trimmer because I have a lot of boxwood shrubs that is over 30" tall. The pole hedge trimmer does not do as good a job on the Boxwood if you want to trim them very straight like a rectangular roll. Other than thick demanding shrubs like boxwood, the Shindaiwa short pole
    trimmer can do everything else the regular hedge trimmer can do.

    I would try the M231 if I were you. quite a few people complain about the 242 engine. I don't have any particular problem so far, it just take 30 or so seconds to warmup or else it'll choke on throttle. 231 engine seems to have a lot of good reviews. The new Shindaiwa T242 and T282 seems to have more complains.

    If you don't need articulation, then echo SHC. Echo has been very very reliable even though some people call them cheap.
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    I am using two Echo PAS-265 multi tools and am happy with them.
    I am using AmSoil and E3 spark plugs and so far, so good. I clean the exhaust port once in a great while (every 18 months or so) and run a 1:80 mix.
    You will find many people telling you to stay away from this or that brand but if you look through the posts on this website, you will find that Echo is a good brand to rely on.
    Do a search on my posts, I think I talked about my PAS-265 a few times already.
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    Sorry we ran echo for 7 years and had nothing but problems we had 12 trimmers, 4 edgers and 6 blowers. They don't have near the power or preformance of the shindaiwa or redmax. They have carb problems, alot less power, they are just not even close to the same machine! What else would you like to know.
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    I totally agree with #10. Echo is a strong and reliable machine. Like any other keep them maintained and greased you'll b fine. My opinion Echo is right up there with stihl, prob because stihl makes echo. Go with echo they are cost efficient and productive machines
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    I have ran Shindaiwa for years, They make a great product. I just bought another one last fall.
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    FYI: Stihl does not make Echo.

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