Shindaiwa Rant Volume1

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Keith, May 20, 2001.

  1. Keith

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    I think any of you who have read my post regarding 2 cycle equipment know my feelings about Shindaiwa. It has, quite simply been the best we have used. You may also know how I have debated with others on the subject of buying from local dealers vs. buying via mail order or internet. I am a firm believer that you should be able to buy from the dealer you choose and not from who others would like you to deal with. I assemble my own stuff and quite frankly I would rather do that than have some part time kid at the dealership do it. I have bought equipment locally on several occasions that was set up improperly.

    Recently Shindaiwa has tried to put an end to these sales. I have emailed them regarding this and have been given the same old song and dance. The local dealers are professionals at servicing, blah, blah, blah. I have never taken a piece of Shindaiwa back to the dealer! Many of you say, "ahhh, your just being cheap Keith. Would you want customers doing this to you?" It's not that, I can assure you. yes, I loved buying EB630's for $400, who wouldn't? Some of you guys even get a break from local dealers (gaspppp!) I here people say "I can get a T230 form my dealer $240." Or "I can get that EB630 for $460." Hell I'd love to get that locally! I would have no problem paying that. The problem is, they often want more than MSRP :angry: Not only that, I can't even get them to sell it to me

    Thats right, the local dealer/ distributor network and ultimately Shindaiwa has kept me from buying Shindaiwa lately. I will keep this brief and give you the most recent example. I wanted a DH230 hedge trimmer with the 24 inch cutter. My first call to an out of state dealer lands me the "sorry can't ship Shindaiwa" answer from Russo's. No biggie, so that source has dried up. Next up, call the locals. Damn, none of them have it. Start calling the not-so-local dealers. Nothing :( A couple say they can order it, but they will need me to bring a deposit (keep in mind, these are upwards of 100 miles away). Not only that, the lowest price I find is MSRP. No deals to be found, no hedge trimmer to be found for that matter. What the hell is going on. Half of these guys are trying to pawn off other brands when I call. Is it true? I can't even find what I need at full list price! If I could order, it would be sitting on the door step in a couple days.

    Possible solution! A dealer I have dealt with for a number of years sells brands I really don't want. The loophole. He is a dealer for honda engines distributed by the same company that distributes Shindaiwa. We get to talking and he says "let me see what I can do about getting them for you" The ball is rolling now. No nearby dealers, so there is no territory problem. This may just work :)

    I get a call back from him. The distributor says he can if he buys like 40 pieces. Now he was gonna do this as a favor for me, but he ain't buying no 40 pieces of Shindaiwa equipment. Now it is becoming more clear why other dealers don't have any in stock. Hell, they can't afford to restock.

    So where does that leave me. Well, I've bought 3 pieces this year and they are not Shindaiwa. I love them, but they won't let me buy them. I will still recommend Shin to everyone (I really don't know why). But I don't think Shindaiwa realizes the loss of sales this is causing. If a guy calls and says I want a Shindaiwa hedge trimmer, but they tell him all they have is Tanaka and Echo, what's he gonna buy? Especially when this is the answer he gets over and over again. Somehow, I get the idea Shindaiwa doesn't even know this is happening.
  2. KirbysLawn

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    Your point makes since, very sad. We have a dealer here, I would be happy to buy for you and ship it.
  3. turfguy33

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    I use to love Shindaiwa, as a matter of fact I still own some. The only thing that changed my mind was the fact the distributor pulled all the shindaiwa's from one very good dealer and gave them to another LCO. That's right, a very large outfit in our area that mows and does landscaping now carries Shindaiwa's and Dixie Choppers.....The only real reason he sells them is because he can get them so much cheaper to use on this crews, and to generate some extra cash flow. the only problem is that he has no maintenence at all, so basically if something tears up, don't take it to him cuz he wont' fix it......What I can't believe is how can dixie chopper and Shindaiwa let someone sell there products without no service................I refuse to buy anything from him, #1 because he is a competitor and I don't want to make his pockets deeper and #2 if I buy something from him and need parts, (he only keeps parts for HIS mowers), I might have to wait a week or two to get them........There making a big mistake, I will never own another shindaiwa or Dixie CHopper until they realize there stupid mistake:angry: I now buy all Kawisaki trimmers, hedge trimmers, back pack blowers, and edgers..........and there just as good if not better, and the best part, the person who sells them has to have a trained mechanic to work on one on the premises..., or that's at least what the distributor said.......
  4. lawnman_scott

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    Where in central fl are you? In clearwater there is royal edger and mower, thats who i deal with. They stock lots of shindiawa. You may need a deposit if its a special order, but im sure they will do that over the phone, and i know they could evan ship it to you.
  5. SMB

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    I just ordered a Shindaiwa T270 from my dealer. It cost a little extra shipping because he couldn't get it on one of his regular orders, but I wound up paying $399 WITH tax, so thats $375 for the trimmer, and the rest is shipping and tax. This dealer is the one we will pretty much stay with if he stays around, he has everything we need, Bob-Cat, Great Dane, Shindaiwa, Snapper, LawnBoy, and Toro. Not bad for a "depressed southwest" Virginia dealer. (Go look up "Appalachia" in Webster's dictionary, part of the definition is that it is "marked with poor economic conditions") I think that my dealer is a Carswell Dist. dealer, And he gave us a price as good as on our Bob-Cat ZTR!
  6. LoneStarLawn

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    Sorry to hear that...Im glad I have my conections for Shindaiwa products...
  7. gogetter

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    I have the solution. One of US place an order (with the 40 piece minimum). We all just let this person know what we need/want. Send him the money with shipping charges included and maybe 10 extra bucks for his trouble. He'll make like $400 for his trouble. We all get a shiny new piece of Shindaiwa for just a little over cost!
    Ok, so who has the connections to place an order? By the way, maybe you should all send me a couple bucks for coming up with such a great idea! ;-)
  8. Oldtimer

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    The Shindaiwa Company's concern about shipping product is based on product liability. Shindaiwa is not the only company that restricts shipping equipment in a box.
  9. KirbysLawn

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    Keith, I just priced new EB630's here for $419, maybe I can start an underground shipping network! :):D
  10. Keith

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    What's the tax rate there? How much will it cost to ship? :)

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