Shindaiwa Stands Behind C4 Equipment

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mcambrose, Jul 31, 2008.

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    Recently my 4 year old Shindaiwa 4-stroke multi- tool quit working due to a broken valve keeper. I thought it was a more serious problem, so I almost threw it away. I ran into someone who used to have a shop that sold Shindaiwa. He was trying to sell the equipment that he had left over. When I described the problem, he immediately told me what was wrong, so I called the Shindaiwa rep. The Shindaiwa rep was very nice and provided a new engine. They had some problems with valve keepers in the early models, so they replaced mine even though it was out of warranty. When it broke, I immediately bought another one to finish the job, so now I have a backup. Their support is just one more reason to buy Shindaiwa equipment.
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    That's nice to hear:clapping:, not many EMs/dealers do business like this anymore. But they still only offer a 1-year warranty:(.

    Do you know which model it is (the old 2500 or new 2510), cause I got one of those c4's and would hate to see it blow.

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