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Shindaiwa T2510 Trimmer


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Birmingham, Al
Yes. 4 stroke:
The sequence of operations by which a reciprocating engine converts heat energy into mechanical energy. During the induction strokes, the fuel-air mixture is inducted into the engine. During the compression stroke, the mixture is compressed. The power stroke follows, during which the mixture is ignited and the resultant rapid increase in pressure drives the piston downward. The exhaust stroke is last, during which the products of combustion are ejected.

2 stroke does it in "2" strokes of the piston. The reason that 2 strokes are historically gross polluters is that they push unburned fuel/air mix out of the exhaust due to their system (that's the reason they smoke)

And 2 stroke have no valves, which is why they are lighter and more compact than equivalent 4 strokes (250cc 2 stroke vs 450 cc 4 stroke moto cross bikes)


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San Jose, Ca.
It is a true 4 cycle. only different is this kind of engine use oil mix in gas instead of having oil in the crankcase. This Shindaiwa C4 is very similar to Stihl 4Mix.