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  1. Experturf

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    I'm just starting my lawn care company and have been looking at a lot of different line trimmers. It seems like a lot of people prefer Shindaiwa trimmers. A local dealer has the T261X model and T2510 model for around $360. I might be able to save a little by ordering one online but I'm thinking about the service issue. Is it really that much worth it to pay more for the product so that you can get it serviced for free if anything goes wrong? Also, if anyone has a Shindaiwa trimmer your input would be appreciated.
  2. All_Toro_4ME

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    Well if you purchase equipment from a dealer, you actually dont get the equipment serviced for free. They have a shop/hr rate like anybody else. What you want is the dealer support. Dealers generally will place sticker(s) on the equipment that has their name and contact information of where you bought it, indicating it came from them. Online purchases obviously dont have that.

    Shindy is a great product. I have 2 shindy trimmers, and a shindy edger. All of them perform perfectly and I work them really hard every week.
  3. TNT LawnCare Inc.

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    Shindy makes some great products,service issuses out of warranty you'll have to pay for. The dealer hear were i purchase our shindy products has always treated me well. Dealer suport is important when buying any equipment. You cant go wrong with shindy. Like any product thou there will be a lemon in the bunch.
  4. yungman

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    Stay with 2 cycles only which is T261, read all about Stihl 4Mix, Shindaiwa C4 stuff is no better. T261 is a tried and true unit.:waving:
  5. bob

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    I've got something like 11 Shindaiwa products. There's rarely any problems. Also, Shindaiwa frowns on internet sales. Dealers sign something agreeing not to sell on-line.
    I use to have a connection that would sell me Shindaiwa equipment for 20% off retail, but he got shut down!
  6. TNT LawnCare Inc.

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    Yep the 4mix stuff is here to stay. Iam from the old scholl :laugh: and still like the 2 stroke stuff. We do have a few 4 mix Tools ,i tend to think they burn more fuel and need a little more Frequent maintence. Just my .02 cents on the differences. But i like the 2 strokes. Just gotta go with what ya like. As stated dealer support is Imporatant, for repairs and warranty issues.
  7. yungman

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    4 cycle is here to stay, not sure about hybrid technology. The one with separate oil don't have that kind of problem, good example is Honda. Don't like the weight, get the Husky 324 which have a Honda engine. There is Robin/Makita 4 cycle also.
  8. Keith

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    What bob said. I was buying Shindaiwa equipment at an alarming rate from 1999-2002 off the internet. I continued picking them up here and there for about another year as I found them. The T230 trimmers have needed a few carbs and replacement cutter heads, that's about it. I still use three of them on a regular basis. The blowers main problem was theft. The edgers with the 260 engine were not quite as reliable, but better than anything I had owned up until that point.

    That said, after Shindaiwa all but hunted you down for buying on the internet and by phone, I switched to Redmax. Shindaiwa was not represented around here at all. Dealers that had them, had them for a very short time. Redmax is a little easier to buy locally.
  9. BarrFarms

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    It seems we must list qualifictions to reply. I have a crew that mows around town in the mornings, while I sup. the farm. Then after lunch my lawn crew works on the farm with the farm workers. I then mow yards over $80 until around 5, then farm again. Is this enough to be an lco? lol. In reply to the original post, the shindaiwa is a good choice in trimmers, I like to keep all one brand in small power equipment thataway when I drop it off for service I only come back once, hence why I run stihl. I would recommend the kombi system tho, I bought my first today, 4 hrs of constant use and no problems I love only having one powerhead to deal with! I wouldn't back away from the 4-mix or 2 cycle I own both, I like the 4-mix for my ht 101 & km 101's, more torque it seems than my FS 90's had. On the other hand I have 4 FS 75's that never give me any trouble.

  10. K/B

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    Yungman, take your blower to a dealer and have it checked out, it obviously has problems if it won't idle. Just because it doesn't idle doesn't mean that C4 technology sucks! Shindaiwa's C4 engines are good engines. The biggest problem is that users used to 2-cycle engines don't think it's revving high enough, which is only sound-deception. There are no known, inherent problems. Sure, the valves should be adjusted periodically, but what's the big deal? Are you going to trash the engine because of it? The C4 is much more fuel efficient than a comparable engine size in 2-stroke. Like they say, "C4" means "4th tank free".

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