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    I just rented a Shindaiwa T-27. AS I rented it they quickly showed me how to start it and it started on the very first pull. I must have forgotten a step or something. I can not get it started. The rental shop is now closed for the week end, so I can't go back for help and it it is due back monday morning. The switch is in the start position, I prime it, and I tried various positions with choke. With the choke is it fully open when the switch is up or down? Is there some kind of safety switch or something that I am missing? I have searched on-line for an operation manual or starting procedures and nothing. All I can find is a parts list and diagram. If someone still has there manual and could scan, post or e-mail that would be great. Or just tell me what I am missing. I hope someone can help me here I would hate to have to pay for another rental day just because I can't figure out how to start it.

    Sorry for the repost
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    make sure unit run switch is on. Prime the primer bulb. Choke lever on choke. Do not hold down throttle. Unit should turn over in a couple pulls. Flip choke lever to run and start unit.
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    You should never prime...

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