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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cantoo, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. cantoo

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    I'm looking for a Shin PB 270 power broom and will be travelling from Port Huron to Dundee along I69 and 23. Does anyone know a dealer along that route. I don't care about after service or that crap just a good enough out the door price. I have dealt with a Dealer in Marysville but the building is empty now. I might just make a trip to Weingartz if I have time. Anybody know what kind of price they are?
  2. dogger

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    weingartz prices are a bit higher. I would suggest commercial lawnmower in Livonia. Great service and a better price to boot. It's located on Plymouth road a mile off of 96. E-mail me if you want or need the phone number.
  3. f350

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    the dealer in marysville in now on m-59 just west of gratiot. it's called quality outdoor equipment or something like that. weingartz prices are great i think. i have yet to find a dealer that caters to the proffesional more.
  4. Runner

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    Here's your best bet. Atherton Road Sales and Service. Their site has a map as well. . Talk to J.W. or Dave. Tell them that Joe sent you.;)
  5. rodfather

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    I love that thing. I think I payed about $500 or so for mine a couple of years ago. Just a guess, though.
  6. lawn jockey

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    :D I was looking at them yesterday WOW I like!!!!They are 550.00 up here on sale right now!
  7. kerrigan

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    Randy's rent all on 19th street and bancroft is the only shindaiwa dealer around he's in Port huron would be nice short little drive for ya.

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