Shindawa T242 Dies?!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Stars & Stripes Landscaping, Aug 2, 2013.

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    So I bought a used T242, about a week or so ago and it was running MINT. The previous owner said it was running wrong, so he put it in the shop and they replaced the carb. When I got it, it was running mint - hung it in my garage and fast forward a week to today... I go and fire it up, starts up 2 pulls and idles like its brand new. I let it idle for a few, hit the throttle to full and it dies... Start it back up, half throttle runs okay, little more throttle to full and it dies...

    Things I've tried....

    -Replaced the spark plug.
    -Cleaned out fuel lines.
    -Fresh 2 Stroke
    -Carb Cleaner Spray
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    I buy non running shindaiwa equipment all the time with the same issues. Most of them have loose cylinders that I just tighten up with a Allen wrench and it solves the problem.
  4. Stars & Stripes Landscaping

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    I'm not a small engine guy, where would this be located? Any chance you can show me some pictures?

    I think I might have found it - one of the bolts holes are stripped in the intake insulator (plastic piece after carb). With that being a possibility what I'm thinking is that when I give it throttle, it tweaks just a little bit and opens up a slight area to let more air in, screwing up the air fuel ratio bogging it down. Sound like a possibility?
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    Remove muffler and clean exhaust port in cylinder wall, IT IS PLUGGED.
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    This is a 6 week old thread--until previous poster today, but I'll post anyway. Unfortunately we don't know if a solution was found since it was never posted--that's a shame. If we (me included) did a better job of posting solutions, we would have a great library for reference. That being said, I'm guessing that the problem was not a blocked exhaust port. The original poster said it ran mint a week earlier--my experience is that exhaust blockage is usually a gradual process.
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    Not the first time I responded to an old post, Still stand by my opinion on what is wrong. Rebuilt my carb, etc., it would run fine intermittently also. Inspected the spark screen and it was clean and than suspected maybe something else was plugged inside the muffler, remove two bolts and was surprised to see the exhaust port plugged, cleaned and it has been running fine ever since. Running fine at half throttle and than "bogging" down as you try to advance, indicates blocked exhaust or at least one should check it out.
    Could be wrong, wouldn,t be the first time.

    Agree it would be nice if folks responded back and we all could learn something from it
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    Concerning the fuel lines if I've already went through the motions of removing the old ones, unless they are brand new there's a chance they've become brittle and if they're not leaking air yet they just might after they've been handled, makes as much sense in terms of labor and if I even suspect there's garbage in them, to replace them anyway...

    To my understanding the bolts go through that insulator and into the aluminum cylinder head of the engine.
    Now if that is stripped, you can try tapping out the hole but you're likely looking at needing a new cylinder head.
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