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    I am looking for a small tiller to use in flower beds but cant seem to dicide weither to go with the Mantis, or to use the Shindawa M230 split shaft and Cultivator/Tiller Tool (part number 80265). I also need an edger, so the M230 could have a edger head for it. How well does the Mantis work as an edger? Has anyone used the Shindawa cultivatior tool?
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    I was in the same position as you last year. I decided to buy a Stihl FS85 trimmer with cultivator attachment. It turned out to be the wrong decision. The tool was not very good for light cultivations in flower beds and useless for any tilling. Tilling by hand was much faster. Then there was the time wasted switching the trimmer over from a trimmer to a cultivator. So, I sold the whole unit and bought a Honda trimmer. Then, I was lucky enough to have a client of mine sell me a brand new Echo Tiller (same as Mantis) that he had won in a hosipital lottery. It was brand new, in the box and he gave it to me for $180 U.S. It has turned out to be a great unit. It can cultivate, till, dig a little trench etc. I also got the dethatcher attachment for it and it works awesome. I am not sure how the edger would work but I don't hesitate reccomending one

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