Shindiawa T242 Stihl FS90R Red Max BCZ2401S

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  1. flamed69

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    I have been using a Stihl 4-mix fs100RX, BR-550 blower, and edger. They have the most torque of any brand I have used, but they have problems EVERY stinking day, and they wont start worth nothing. I too am trying to decide between the FS-80, Shindaiwa, and the redmax.
  2. RonAyersMotorsports

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    If your having trouble starting. If the units are over two seasons old have you had the valves adjusted? And don't pull the unit over three pulls on full choke or you will flood it. Our customers have no problem starting or running their 4 mix units. Sorry for your troubles. I'm sure they can be resolved.
  3. powerpuller1966

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    I am a Shindaiwa dealer in western PA that fixed 400+ handheld machines in 2008 from all commercial manufactures. My repair percentages for each manufacturer are as follows:

    62% non dealer homeowner junk(walmart, lowes, sears, poulan/weedeater)
    17% Stihl
    11% Red Max
    5% Each of Husqvarna and Echo
    <1% Shindaiwa

    Now I haven't been a Shindaiwa dealer for long, but the previous dealer sold 500+ machines over the 5 years he was a dealer to service the whole county. I have only seen one trimmer for repair and that was from user error.

    Not one Shindaiwa piece has come to me for any warranty repair.

    Have you heard about the Shindaiwa 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. It is on the Shindiawa website.

    Don't base your decision fully on the brand of equipment you want to buy. Get to know your dealer/s and find the one that will bend over backwards for you. That is how I treat everyone that steps through our door, even if they bring that $69 walmart throwaway in for a carb cleaning. When you find that dealer, get your equipment from there and you should have no worries.

    CHUCK'SLAWN LawnSite Member
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    We use redmax all the way no problems
  5. IHusky

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    I like the Kaw KGT27a only weighs 10.2 pounds, pushes 1.6 hp and solid steel drive shaft. can use all day and won't get tired. Wish they made the heads a little easier to load. Good luck.
  6. green monster

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    Wow, there is a lot of mis-information on this thread. Stihl is number 1 in market share because they advertise more and sell more to home owners than Shindaiwa, RedMax, or ECHO. ECHO is the number one brand in the commercial market. ECHO, Shindiawa, and Red Max all make better quality trimmers than Stihl. Don't get me wrong, the Stihl equipment is not junk, it is just the others are better. If the Stihl is so awesome, then why do you see so many discussion threads about people having trouble with their 4 Mix machines?

    Red Max and Shindiawa do not have the same engines. Red Max is owned by Husqvarna. They make their own engines. Shindiawa and ECHO are owned by the newly formed holding company called Yamabiko. ECHO makes 5 units for Shindiawa and none of them are trimmers. Shindiawa currently does not make any units for ECHO.

    Look at the EPA durability ratings on the equipment and look at the warranties offered. The EPA durability ratings are on a label on the equipment. Category A means the EPA and the CARB have certified the engine will run for a minimum of 300 hours and still be in compliance with emissions. Category A is the best rating you can get. Category C is 50 hours. You may not care about emissions, but it tells you about the quality of the engines. That should tell you which equipment you can trust. All the lower priced Stihl equipment is category C (50 hours), right there with Ryobi and the other Wal-Mart type brands.

    Also, the dealer you buy from is every bit as important as the brand of equipment you buy. So if you can't decide on which brand, go with the dealer you trust.
  7. mowerdude777

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    My dealer has sthil, echo, shindiawa, tanaka, and redmax :) SoI have options.
    My sales guy says to go with either sthil or redmax, he says I will not be disopointed with either there both great brands.
  8. wildlandscape

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    I have all redmax stuff, except 1 blower that was free, and I think they are the best. They can take lots and lots of abuse and keep running for years to come. I have 2 redmax trimmers that are 9+ years old and run just as good as my new one. I bought the EXC2401-S yesterday and it really is one of the best products that redmax has come out with. I has a split shaft that is able to accept attachements such as paddle broom, trimmer, saw, hedge clippers and edger. I highly recommend it. My dealer sells both redmax and stihl and they sell more redmax, i don't know if it is preference or reputation for being bulletproof. Im not sure if stihl has the split shaft design but they are worth the money. Both are great brands
  9. blake2727

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    Shindiawa T242x. Great machine. I wouldn't own a stihl for anything. The T242 is lighter and will save your back. I am not brand loyal at all. Everything I have is a different brand because different companies build different things better but for trimmers its shindy hands down.
  10. mowerdude777

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    Has any one used the new shindiawa trimmer

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