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Shiny multi tool M230

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Looking into a Shindaiwa M230 multi tool mainly for artic hedger, pole pruner and edger.
Dose anyone have any experience with these?
Or any suggestions for an alternative?
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I don't have any particular experience with that multi-tool but, I have a shindaiwa T-230 and am very pleased with it. It's a great machine.
Pinnacle - I have the M230 all the attachements except the pole pruner. The edger works fine and the hedger is awesome. The power head has been trouble free, now it's it's second season.

You might also want to consider their new split-boom unit that's 4 stroke but takes an oil mix. I think it's the M2500. Supposedly it has a little more power than the 230. The 230 power head is a little small for the power broom attachement, but does well with all the others I have.

Just keep in mind that if the power head goes down for some reason, you have multiple tools out of commission.
Thanks DG
Sounds like the shot. I am pretty sure the 4 banger model is not avalible down here but i'll check. Good point about the down time thing.
I hate down time :angry:
Pinnacle - You're welcome.

The hedger also comes in handy as a power sighe tool. Makes quick work of cutting off dead flower stalks etc. in the fall and for grooming ground cover.

BTW, the power broom is an awesome tool. It can be used on turf and pavement. I use it for getting driveway stone out of lawns.

The cultivator/tiller is nice to have too, but don't expect to go rototilling turf or rocky soil. Works good for cultivating existing beds.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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