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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by ed2hess, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Will P.C.

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    You can purchase cargo insurance with uship. Take lots of before pics and have the receiver take after pics.

    IMO uship is very inexpensive to ship. Pick someone with at least 5 feedback scores. You will get lots of bids with guys who have 0 feedback trying to break in the game with prices right at the cost of gas. My advice is to avoid these people no matter how cheap it is. I was an idiot when i first joined that site and picked someone with no feedback, but had awesome pics in his profile of trucks and trailers.

    I found one of those rare deals on CL where the seller has no idea of what they have and just want 100 bucks so time was an serious issue. I have sold on CL before and first person who puts money in my hand gets the item. Make plans on a sat for the guy to show up at this persons house around 10AM. Shipper calls me around 8AM and lets me know he is on his way to pick up the item.

    Shipper literally goes off the grid until 4PM while the CL is getting pissed an anxious. This black guy pulls up in my driveway around 4PM in a POS Rav4 with his wife and kids with some BS story. He wants to collect the 100 bucks for the CL item first (after he already said he would cover it). Guy has no cellphone, GPS, his car is leaking **** in my driveway, and trying to scam me.

    I had one other small issue which turned out fine and everyone else I have dealt with has been very professional. uship seems to have 0 customer service and it kind of polices iteself. They don't seem to do much background work on service providers.

    The jobs where you just need something shipped less than 3hrs you seem to get less 'professional' people, but are still very capable of handling the task. The longer the distance (FL to NY for ex) you see more professionalism.
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    I paid $120 to the company, approx $20 to uship(can't remember exactly) and paid an extra $15 for extra insurance which I don't believe I really needed, but i thought better safe than sorry. It was shipped to a terminal near my house rather than to my door as it was cheaper. I go past the terminal all the time so I didn't even ask how much more to my door. The entire process was very smooth.
  3. ed2hess

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    What is best way to ship ....on pallet and wrapped or just drive er on? If I need afork lift on both ends that could make it more complicated.
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    They shipped it from NY to Missouri. The shipping cost was $350. I had to pick it up at there distribution center in KC. The would have shipped it right to our door but the cost was $100 more and I had to go to KC anyway. The distribution centers are located all over and most are 24/7 if that helps. We also bought a lawn solutions seeder from Denver and picked it up in KC, cost $210. Hope this helps.
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  6. ed2hess

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    I got to get serious about getting rid of our excess stuff does anybody have any new information on shippers? Guess I will try uship.
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    Uship is great. Good luck.
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    Go through UShip and you might get on Shipping Wars on A&E Channel.
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    There is a website, Freight quote, I believe. You might try them.
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    Jeff ships stuff all over the world...trucks, large pipeline trenchers...forgot to ask him

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