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    For those of you who have bought and sold large heavy equipment what is your method of shipping? I am not talking lawn mowers, but stuff that is heavy and can still be put in a box, such as Small engines, walk behind edgers, push blowers, etc. I tried to use UPS to estimate, but it comes up with some crazy billable wieght of 700 lbs and then says it will cost 1500.00 dollars. My item is closer to 98lbs. Please advise.
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    UPS has Size and weight guidelines. The weight cannot exceed 150 pounds and the total size cannot exceed 108" (total box size) for "normal shipping.

    If it exceeds these you would do better to use a freight company.
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    I just sold a bagger to a guy in Michigan. My local shipping guys wanted $450. He found a company for $219.00. I asked what gives? They didn't have an answer.
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    I was tempted to bid on a Scag Tiger Cub that was about 1000 miles away last summer. The seller said he could ship it for under $300. I asked him how, he said that he used some sort of shipping promoter service that gets bids from companies that have extra room on trucks. It may take a couple of days longer, but it's a lot cheaper. Sorry, I don't know who might offer this service, perhaps the outfit noted above.
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    use freight companies. Much cheaper. I used this one company before, but I can not remember their name. I can picture their colors though of green and yellow.
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    Certified Freight is a good is Swift
    Don't know if you have those where you are though.
    You will need to make out a bill of lading,with description and weight and addresses of sender and reciever..who is delivering the box and what time he picks it up and date.That will have to be signed by the driver when he picks up the box or when you give it to him
    and it will be signed by the reciever of the box when it gets there for proof of delivery.
    You keep a copy driver keeps two copies one for him and one for the person he delivers the box to after that guy signs off on the driver copy.

    A packing slip on the item..Put the packing slip in a plastic pocket (it is an invoice really)and a copy inside the box too.It should show what is in the box,how many,how much it weighs,Who and where it is going to,and who you are shipping it with.And how many boxes there are ,like 1 of 1 if there is only one,
    1 of 3,for the first box-2 of 3 for the second box
    and 3 of 3 for the third box if there are 3 boxes in the shipment and also write that on the outside of each box and only the first box gets the outside packing list in plastic pocket and the others get a copy inside just in case.
    That pretty much covers shipping with a freight company besides calling them and setting up a pick up.Make sure the company you ship with guarantees safe delivery of your box in the condition you gave it to them in.
    If it is damaged on the way..the reciever should refuse delivery and it will come back to you then you deal with the freight company about damage caused by them if that happens.
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    I have used forward air in the past to ship motorcycles, and boxes of snowmobile engines.
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