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Shipping Large items UShip.com bids on your load. Get great deals!

Hey guys! In reading the classifieds here I notice alot of you are trying to figure out how to get this equipment and large items shipped. I see alot of posts where you want stuff, but don't buy it because you have no way to pick it up, or think it will be too expensive to ship.

UShip.com is a very good place to arrange shipping of larger items. I have used them to get some pretty big and bulky items shipped. Everything arrived in perfect condition! You can put the items on there, (it's FREE) and then shippers BID to haul your load. You can get a great deal!

Be SURE to read the FEEDBACK on the shippers bidding on your load, make sure the customers are saying GREAT things about the shipper! Here's the link!


Hope this helps some of you get the opportunity to buy these larger items off of lawnsite.

Also, I've seen lots of posts on WHAT to do in the WINTER to earn $$$. Sign up on Uship and haul loads!!! I do lots of loads, and I get my fuel paid for on every personal out-of-town trip I make by just hauling something with me. I usually choose to haul someone's pet to keep me company on the trip! It can be VERY good money!