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    OPTIMISTIC LawnSite Member
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    Down here in Augusta, I opt for body paint! Jk, I just purchased a Neon Green 50/50 blend (Amazon) that I am going to have screen printed locally.
  2. Cody S

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    Black t-shirt and tank top full color, also safety orange with black lettering same style as the black stuff
  3. Firefighter337

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    I used a guy in Thomson who did my old shirts for 8$ including the shirts. They were hanes beefy-ts. No screen setup fee as well.

    My current shirts are Magellan fishing shirts. The type that have the vent in rhe back. One of my customers embroidered them for me for cheap. They are nice and dry quick.
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  4. C & T Landscaping

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    The sample can I got from Dano was gone so fast, everything I picked up I coated in it. In my opinion I really like it, I just wish more local stores carried it. I've gotta go to Northern Tool 20+ miles away just for a can.
  5. 04fivefour

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    I use embroidered Nike dri-fit polos for quotes, and mowing I use the saftey green/yellow shirts with our name on the front and back with number. (btw I got the neon shirts for $4.40 a shirt with printing from Its a hell of a lot cheaper than custom ink or something like that and you can still use a custom logo.
  6. Dr. Cornwallis

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    Columbia PFG long sleeve shirts. I like the "low drag offshore" shirt. They look very professional and are extremely comfortable.
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  7. Glenn Lawn Care

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    I wear the carhartt work force shirts. Safety yellow, they are super light weight and comfortable. They stay dry and I don't sweat as much. I won't get any more cotton shirts after wearing these.
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