shocked at taxes i owe


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south ms
had a buddy come by and help with my taxes. he has turbo tax loaded on lap top puter. so we where going to do taxes on it then i was going to have it checked by pro. figured this would save me a few $. 2003 was my 1st year in business and i had all my equipment purchases which i figured would cove me but i am having to use fast depreciation to get taxes down.


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This year i owe 469 buck. It sucks


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Winchester, TN
I ended showing where I broke even. It won't be that way this year though. I am solo and it turned out better than I ever imagined. Advice: Keep up with ALL your mileage. It will help you out.


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Broke just under even this first year, so taxes did not make too much of a difference. This year, we hope to turn more of a profit, but also upgrade to larger equipment. Like stated before, if you're paying taxes, you're making money.
Hopefully it will be a good year for me and Sam!


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Another subject that gets under the skin.

If you hate the IRS and paying taxes, and wish you had more of your earned money, there is a better way.
Check this site out, it's something that is getting some attention and gaining momentum.